Wednesday, August 11

Top Ten Ways to Smoothly Transition Back to Homeschool

  1. Gather your materials ahead of time.
      Start the school year off with everything ready to roll.  Make sure you have the necessary books, library books on hold, and printed materials done and on the shelf.  Pick up all the must-have school supplies for a successful year!  Not sure what you're using yet?  Read curricula reviews for in-depth and honest information from homeschooling moms like you.
  2. Let your kids help choose curricula.  For older kids especially, having some input on their curricula will go a long way toward making the transition back into school easier.  Check out Engaging Your Tween & Teen and Interest-Based Electives for Middle and High School for tips on getting cooperation.
  3. Plan easy meals for the first week.  Spend the weeks just prior to school starting putting together some freezer meals and gathering ingredients for slow cooker meals.  These fix-it-and-forget it starters will ensure that you have healthy, nutritious dinners on the table each night...even when you forgot until the last minute!
  4. Make it memorable.  Take school year photos and complete an All About Me each year to record personal and physical growth.
  5. Kick off each day with a read aloud.  Having a morning time together is a fantastic way to start the day as a family, in a slow, relaxed pace.  This tradition doesn't have to fade away with age...just raise the book level.  We still read to our teens, even in high school.
  6. Take a last-minute vacation.  NOW is our time to shine as homeschoolers!  The parks and museums have emptied out as kids went back to school, but no one is taking spring field trips yet.  It's the perfect time for a short family vacation or museum day.  Find inspiration on our Family Travel page!
  7. Switch it up with a unit study.  Not ready to dive into school head first?  Or maybe you just need a break from the humdrum?  Pick up a book, read together as a family, and work on a multi-modal, hands on unit study!
  8. Don't forget about mom!  Diving into homeschooling will quickly take its toll if you forget to take care of yourself, too.  Schedule some time each week just for it a bubble bath, quiet reading time, girls' night out, or whatever replenishes your soul.  Need a book recommendation?  Check out Mom's Bookshelf!  
  9. Farm it out.  Maybe you're great at science, but not so much at history.  Regardless of what you need a bit of teaching help with, you have the choice to pull out your hair or farm it out.  It's more common than you think, especially in the high school years.  Check out the Best Online Options.
  10. Ask for help.  Snag more great tips and tricks as we head back to homeschool.  We'll be covering Back to Homeschool Celebrations, Motivating Your Teens, the Last-Minute Parent, and a Day in the Life of a Homeschooled High Schooler.
  11. Bonus - 


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