Saturday, August 21

Back-to-Homeschool Plans {for the Last-Minute Parent}

It’s August, and while most of us have our homeschooling plans ready to roll, I know there are a few folks out there scrambling to get going at the last minute.  Here are a few things to keep in mind...
  • Keep it legal.  Some states have no requirements, while others are heavily regulated.  Check with HSLDA to ensure that you know your state's laws.  As long as you meet your legal requirements, it’s fine to de-school or un-school while you find your footing.
  • Start with the end in sight.  You’ll have long-term goals (such as students going to college) and shot-term goals (such as mastering multiplication tables).  Create a plan that works toward both of these.
  • Know your needs, but respect your limits.  Ask yourself if you have the time, energy, and ability to implement a program before plunking down money for it.  For many families these days, who are also trying to work from home, outsourcing homeschool classes is an option that meets their goals but also allows them the flexibility they need.
  • Find your people.  Every homeschooling family needs a tribe, be it a large homeschooling co-op or a small group of family friends.  These are the people who will lift you up on the hard days, and the ones being silly alongside your kids...
  • Give yourself grace.  It's a long journey, and one that will have many ups and downs.  No one expects you to be perfect.  Give your kids, your husband, your in-laws, and even the nosy people around town grace.  Remember to extend it to yourself as well.

Looking for a last-minute course to fill the curriculum gap?  

Check out the Best Online Learning Options!  We have personally vetted, and can recommend, every resource listed here for high school students.  

At Sparks Academy, your students will be part of an interactive co-op with other high school students.  Current class offerings are for The Good & the Beautiful language arts and Notgrass history (four levels of each subject) and Apologia science (three levels). Classes begin on August 15th. Enrollment closes for the '23-'24 school year on August 20th. Use code JULY23DEALS to save 25%  (exp 8/10)


  1. I looked into sparks academy but it doesn't fit with us for the fall term, I'll relook at it in December as see where we are at. :)

    1. It's not for everyone....different styles for different families. :) We're going to add a semester-class next year covering Government (course, it's US, so...)


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