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The Avion My Uncle Flew & France Unit Study

August 25, 1944 - Paris was liberated from Nazi occupation

In June 1940, Paris fell to Nazi occupation the Vichy French government was created.  At the same time, the underground French Resistance sprang to life...  The Germans kept control of the city throughout World War 2.

Just after D-Day in June 1944 (novel study here), Allied Commander Dwight D. Eisenhower was informed that they would not be helping the Parisians, so as not to deplete valuable resources from other ongoing operations.  De Gaulle met with Eisenhower and urged him to assist Paris; he was concerned that the Communist group of the not-so-underground-anymore Resistance movement might liberate the city, thus threatening future democracy.  Eisenhower agreed to help.

There were a few days of fighting and arrests.  German General Choltitz had been ordered to destroy Paris -- laying explosives under the city's bridges and landmarks -- but he ultimately disobeyed Hitler's orders and surrendered Paris to a provisional government ran by De Gaulle.

Free French General Charles de Gaulle led a march down the Champs d'Elysees.  He then led the country until 1946, and again from 1958-1969.

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Our spine read is:

  • The Avion My Uncle Flew
    • When twelve-year-old Johnny Littlehorn's father returns from the front lines, after WWII is over, and announces they're spending the summer in France, Johnny doesn't want to leave their Wyoming ranch. But what starts off as a boring trip soon turns into a frightening adventure. A sinister man trails Johnny throughout Paris and follows him to his uncle s village of St. Chamant.  With the help of his new friends, Suzanne and Charles, Johnny follows a winding trail that leads to a fugitive spy, a German pistolet hidden in a loaf of bread and a stolen fortune. Before long, he s learning French, helping his oncle Paul build an avion, and unraveling an evil Nazi plot!

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It includes twenty-three unit studies covering a wide range of topics. Each unit has introductory text, which will give the student basic background information about the topic at hand. These studies are directed toward upper grades students, but some have resources for younger students so that the whole family can work together.
  • There are photographs and illustrations, and we have also included primary documents when available.
  • After this text, there are featured videos, which augment the background information and help make the topic more accessible for more visual students.
  • You will also find a short list of reading books, including a featured novel that the unit builds upon.
  • There are vocabulary words, places, and people to identify.
  • Reading comprehension, critical thinking questions, and writing assignments are included.
  • We add fun with hands-on activities and extra videos to watch that will bring the era to life.
  • Language Arts
    • Finding Langston & the Poetry of Langston Hughes
  • Geography
    • Anne of Green Gables & Canadian Provinces
    • Stowaway & Antarctica
    • Julie of the Wolves & Alaska
    • Blades of Freedom & the Louisiana Purchase
    • The Avion My Uncle Flew & France
  • History
    • Zlata’s Diary & the Slavic Wars
    • Freedom Summer & the Summer of 1964
    • Treasure Island & Pirates of the Caribbean Sea
    • Farenheit 451 & Types of Government
    • Red Stars & Russia in World War 2
    • The Great Gatsby & the Roaring Twenties
    • The Long List of Impossible Things & Post-War Germany
    • A Tale of Two Cities & French Revolution
    • Witch of Blackbird Pond & Salem Witch Trials
    • The World Made New & Early Explorers
    • Stitching a Life & Jewish Immigration
  • Life Skills
    • Teetoncey & Lifesaving Skills
    • Freak of the Week & Disabilities Awareness
    • Island of the Blue Dolphins & Sailing
  • Science
    • The Science of Breakable Things & the Scientific Method
    • Frankenstein & Human Anatomy
    • Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation & Albert Einstein

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