Saturday, August 7

Back-to-Homeschool....a Celebration!

Everyone is out buying back-to-school supplies....the neighborhood kids have cute, new clothes...and your kids are suddenly wondering why they aren't having nearly as much fun going back to homeschool...

Here's a little secret -- it's because you don't have to SELL them on going back to homeschool.  That said, there are many fun ways to celebrate going back-to-homeschool!

Go shopping!
Just because you're homeschooling doesn't mean the kids can't buy some super-cute folders, notebooks, or other school supplies fresh for the year.  My boys use to love picking out a new Lego or Marvel Comics item each year.  There's also no reason to forego the cute outfits...just get one cute one instead of a week's worth. 

Take a Field Trip
Generally, schools plan their field trips for spring...which is when homeschoolers know to put their heads down and stay inside.  Fall, however, is our time to shine!  Most kids have gone back to school, and the museums belong to us!  Kick off the school year with that field trip you've been putting off...

Get Into the Groove
Don't feel like jumping in head first?  Don't.  Start with just one or two subjects the first week.  Ease into the school year and find a groove that works for you.  

Ask Your Teens
If you have older kids, let them help you set the routine with a schedule that works for them.  We don't let our kids sleep until the crack of noon, but we do let them sleep until around eight or so.  Science has proven time and again that teens need more sleep and a later start time for optimal brain functioning.  We also - gasp! - let them stay up pretty late at night...reading.  But no tech after we head to bed.

Picture This
Get dolled up (or duded up) and go find a picturesque place for this year's school pictures.  It won't be in front of a fuzzy background that looks like everyone else's yearbook photo.  You'll have senior quality pictures every time!

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