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Best STEAM Subscription Boxes for Summer FUN!

The use of hands-on projects is a great way to reinforce concepts learned while having fun! With the subscription box phenomenon, you can get all the pieces needed for a project delivered straight to your door, along with extras like video lessons. Here are some of our favorite STEAM - science, technology, engineering, art, and math - boxes to encourage growth and a love of these subjects...

Some of these boxes have fantastic coupon codes for first time buyers, so be sure to check the purchase information and look for the code!


Technology, Engineering & Math

Craftsman Crate  (click name to see box)

Use code FIRSTTEN for $10 off your first box!

This is the perfect box for teens who want hands-on projects. It's also a convenient way to try out new hobbies, use your hands to create, learn skills you can keep using, and have fun, too!  Comes with real tools, complete kits, and a new project every month.  There are also video reviews for this box on the Homeschool On the Range YouTube channel.

Each month is a new project based on the old-world craftsman skills from the 18th and 19th centuries, and they combine math, engineering, and art skills. Your students will be using real-world math as they measure materials for woodworking, create proportional dimensions in woodcarving, and calculate how many chains are needed for each row of chain maille. They'll also put artistic skills to use in life drawing and leather tooling!

Brick Loot  (click name to see box)

The perfect box for Lego enthusiasts, each month you will get unique items including LEGO, LEGO compatible products, and brick items.  These are bricks that you won't find in any store, and they're pretty unique! Some of the themes we've received in the past include Ancient Mythology, gaming, Thanksgiving, magic....the list goes on...each box is uniquely fabulous!

Building blocks are the tools for young engineers, and this box combines both the structural design and math calculations aspect with pop culture through themes such as Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Christmas! Each box contains a pre-designed build, extra blocks for creating an additional design, a poster, design booklet, stickers, plus other cool gear (such as t-shirts) to get your child excited about building. Perfect for the Lego fan who wants something new and unique.

Creation Crate   (click name to see box)

Learn how to program and build electronics with new and more challenging projects delivered to your door each month!   Creation Crate uses hands-on projects to teach 21st century skills! Users receive a new project/course every 30 days with access to an Online Classroom. Projects become more challenging as you learn new skills. All projects and courses are approved by

Combing coding and electronics, this box fosters creative thinking and designing innovative technologies at the middle and high school level. Each box comes with access to educational curriculum to supplement the projects, and the boxes build upon each other. With each new project, your student will reinforce skills learned earlier and then learn another new electronics skill!

STEM Discovery Box (click name to see box)

STEM science for kids ages 7-12. Grow your child's mind through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Winner of the Parents' Choice Award for Subscription Boxes. Winner of STEM Toy Expert "Best for Family Projects" subscription box. Each box includes THREE STEM projects every month! Electronics, chemistry, physics, coding, hydraulics and more!  Each box includes THREE projects/experiments! ALL supplies are included...Electronics, chemistry, physics, coding, hydraulics and more!


MATTER (click name to see box)

Use code BREAKTHROUGH for an exclusive discount!

We search planet Earth for the most interesting forms of matter. Each month we ship fossils, tools, specimens, materials, or artifacts that have been carefully selected as some of the most interesting pieces of matter in our accessible universe. Part museum, part laboratory, perfect for quarantine! Feed your curiosity or spark someone's else's.  This one is for the kid who knows everything!!  It will spark an interest for further research...

ForensiKit (click name to see box)

Learn about forensic science and methods. Go hands-on with techniques like fingerprinting, collecting shoe prints, and more. Use the same tools the pros use to detect the presence of blood and identify theft suspects. Each box (retail value $60+) comes with gear that real investigators use along with activities designed to let you learn by doing.  Your first box contains a free one-year subscription to our online detective game. Examine the evidence and solve the case.

aint Albert's Science (click name to see box)

Use code LIFE10 for a discount off your first box! 

Saint Albert's Science Crate is for kids 8-18 and for anyone who wants to explore design, building, tinkering with circuits, or learning engineering skills. Each box comes with a kit that is STEM related as well as a glimpse into who Saint Albert the scientist was and kids will love to look up to this hero and become a real scientist and engineer.


Beautiful Discovery (click name to see box)

Beautiful Discovery kits use visually and kinesthetically engaging patterns of nature to unleash your hidden pattern power and give you STEAM skills. Items include eco-games, art, origami, drag and drop code, models, natural wonders, full color informational cards, full color picture books and booklets, paints and colored pencils, drawing sheets with art lessons on patterns seen in the natural wonders.

Perfect for the student who is hesitant about math, but all about art! This box combines the beauty of nature with real-world math through projects with seashells, crystals, dried leaves, flowers, for their beautiful patterns. There's even an computer coding element with simple drag and drop block coding that will simulate the patterns seen in the natural wonders studied in each box.

Palatteful Packs   (click name to see box)
Use code 10HOORAY for 10% off your first box!

Each month, you will receive a selection of art supplies. You’ll get to try a wide range of products, from pens to paint. You will receive everything you need to create a work of art. The supplies in the box are ideal for beginners, professionals, or anyone in between.

With three different options to choose from, you can encourage a budding artist, exposure younger children to various medium, or create an entire art curriculum for older children from the tools and projects included here! They also have a YouTube channel with tutorials for the lessons.

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Teen+ Comic Crate   (click name to see box)

Teen+ Comic Crate has comics with detailed artwork, advanced language, violence, and occasional profanity/suggestive themes. Examples of Teen+ Rated comics include Avengers, X-men, Justice League, Wolverine, and Wonder Woman.  Comic books are a great reading experience for all types of readers. Reluctant Readers enjoy comic books because the short bursts of text and vivid images are easier to read than the solid text in a prose book. English Language Learners can match the text to the images in comic books to help decode and understand the text.  Also available in PG and G rated.

Reluctant readers can appreciate the artistic format of the illustrations while still getting the content from the book. They are not all pop culture-based, and include some scientific concepts that can be taught through graphic novels. Use the Comic Crate as a jumping off point for having your students write their own comic! Choose a scientific topic, research the basics, and create a 6-10 page comic illustrating those concepts.

Subscription boxes make an excellent gift suggestion for family members who aren't sure what to get....they are the gift that continues to give each month, and this selection also helps boost your homeschooling! So which one of these do you think your students would most enjoy?

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