Novel Studies

This is an outline of the materials we will be creating for our Hi-Lo readers in middle and high school. We have tried to select literature that has both entertainment quality and moral value.  Once these are completed, we will add new series and stand-alone novels.

As unit studies are created for each, the links will become active. All of the teaching guides linked below are free.

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Series Units
  • Ranger's Apprentice
    • Combining the Ranger's Apprentice, Royal Rangers, and Brotherband Chronicles, we are using these books to examine fan fiction and do some creative writing!  Access the full unit here.
  • Dusty Sourdough 
    • Four books chronicle Dusty's adventures in the Yukon and Klondike gold rushes of the late 19th century.  These are Hi-Lo books at their very best!
      • Access the novel studies & cooking adventures here!
  • We Were There historical series
    • The books in this series each tackle the fictional retelling of an actual historic event. Teens are the primary characters, which makes the books accessible and easy to relate excellent way to learn our history!
State-Specific Series

Graphic Novels
A mix of text and visuals, graphic novels help to bring stories to life for lower-skilled readers.
Singlets (not in a series)
Jewish Holidays Series (coming 2020)
  • The Queen of Persia + Purim unit study
  • Devil's Arithmetic + Passover unit study
  • The Secret Shofar of Barcelona + Rosh Hashana unit study
  • The Yom Kippur Shortstop + Yom Kippur unit study
  • The Mysterious Guests + Sukkot unit study
  • All-of-a-Kind Family Hannukah + Chanukah unit study
  • Broken Strings + Fiddler on the Roof

Off-Site Units

**These have a higher reading level than your traditional hi-lo reader will tackle at first, but many kids are interested in going for it!  (Start with non-starred books unless it's a topic that your student is already very interested in.)