Tuesday, June 22

8th & 11th Grade Curriculum Reveal

It's that time of the year again! Maybe it's because I'm a TK (Teacher's Kid), or maybe it's just because I'm weird....but the back-to-school sales and smell of new books always make me happy. This year, we've got a high schooler and middle schooler...and the house is full of hormones happiness....

Morning Basket (Together Time)

Since as far back as we can remember (which is to say, since the first kid was born), we've started our days with a little bit of reading together time. Now that they're teens, I see no reason to stop this tradition. We just change the book selections!

Seriously though, your teen might grumble that it's not cool to read together with his little siblings and his mom, but inside, he's truly loving it. Here lately, I've been reading aloud while the boys eat breakfast.  They're teens, and they're sleeping in later than usual, so this is a gentle way to start the day.  

And can we just step back for a moment and reflect on the blessing that homeschool affords us with that flexibility to sleep in?  So many teens have to stumble through their early morning classes before their brains, biologically, are even capable of fully functioning.  I like knowing that that extra hour or two gets them good sleep, boosting their immunity and helping them to start the day off right!

These are the books we'll be reading aloud together this year:

Once this time is done (usually a couple of chapters), we have a quick rundown of the day. Sometimes this is a quick once-over of their daily assignments. Other times, it's a reminder that we have appointments or a field trip or something special going on.

8th Grade Curriculum

Our 8th grade son is a very hands-on learner, and is still playing catch up in one subject.  Best options for him are straightforward and comprehensive.  We've chosen:

11th Grade Curriculum

Our 11th grade son was accepted to a pre-engineering program and prestigious academic school, but opted to decline both of those due to 'rona restrictions and wanting to travel.  He is dual enrolling at a local community college for some classes, including:

Naturally, there's sure to be some adjustments throughout the year.  Both boys will have physical education built in to each day, along with farm chores and life skills.  We're planning to supplement our studies with a few long roadschooling trips and college visits to both coasts as well!  

Enjoy the Journey!

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