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Twenty Best Educational Subscription Boxes

Hands-on projects are a great educational tool, and with the advent of the subscription box phenomenon, there are so many fabulous ones now available!!  We've tested several, and here are our top twenty recommendations for educational coupons & bonuses.  😎

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Preschool Box

Help your preschooler or kindergartener start school off with a bang! The Preschool Box is full of fun, simple activities that will have your child excited to learn. We focus on teaching your child beginning phonics skills, counting, shapes, colors, and writing with different hands-on activities and games.
Encourage learning, reading and creativity in children ages 3-6!
16+ activities in every box
A Parent Guide to help you teach your child
Fun stickers and a book in every box
Crafts, learning activities and games!

The Nitty Gritty
  • $32.95 / month (goes down with longer subscriptions)
  • Boxes ship for $5.95
  • Use coupon code 5PREPAY on a 3-month prepay or higher for $5 off at checkout

Kindergarten Crate

Kindergarten Crate is a subscription box designed exclusively for pre-k, kindergarten, and 1st grade teachers. Each month you'll get a great selection of classroom supplies and a student activity to make your class feel extra special. We'll also include something just for you! Designed to be used whether you are teaching in person or remotely.
Student activities centered around an included read-aloud book
Classroom supplies for use in person or while teaching remotely
Teacher gift for you each month
Shirt sizing from small to 4XL
Includes a physical box and a digital resource

The Nitty Gritty
  • $39.00 (price decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for $5.95

Sensory TheraPLAY

Sensory TheraPLAY Box offers monthly deliveries of fun and therapeutic sensory items. Boxes are thoughtfully curated with children on the autism spectrum and those with sensory processing needs in mind. Makes a unique and memorable gift for children ages 5-9! Follow us on Instagram @sensory_theraplay_box to see past boxes!
Items encourage the development of important sensory motor skills and are both calming and therapeutic
5-7 sensory toys and items are inside each month's box
Boxes ship out the first week of each month
Items include: putty, aromatherapy dough, hand fidgets, tactile/ textured toys, etc.
Beautifully and thoughtfully created – makes the perfect gift!

The Nitty Gritty
  • $40.95 / month (price decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for $10.44
  • Use coupon code WELCOME10 at checkout to get 10% off your first box


Learning Crates

Learning Crates is a subscription box for children that contains books and hands-on activities. Each box comes personalized with your child's name and is tailored to your child's favorite subjects, interests/hobbies.
The best gift for the little ones in your life!
Personalized with your child's name!
Tailored to your child's interests!
For each order, a book is donated towards children's literacy

The Nitty Gritty
  • $29.99 (price decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for FREE
  • Use coupon code JUNE10P at checkout to get a special discount

My EduCrate

MyEduCrate, an award winning monthly subscription that delivers educational themed items to motivate and engage your child's mind. Each item is hand-selected by our team of teachers and parents, ensuring that your child is exposed to diverse opportunities to grow. Subscribe today and get your child excited about learning!
Each box will have an educational theme that helps to develop a certain skill set
Number of items vary depending on the month's theme
For ages 6 to 11
Includes: learning challenges, hands on learning material, non-fiction readers, and teacher-selected resources
Lessons plans included

The Nitty Gritty
  • $39.95 (price decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for $12.70


Crate Expectations

Join us for a Novel Adventure! Each month, subscribers (ages 8-12) receive a quality book paired with our one-of-a-kind Adventure Guide & specially curated toys or games. Our Adventure Guide includes an author interview, activities, menu ideas, discussion questions & more -- everything you need for a book club meeting with your family or friends!
An easy and fun way to connect as a family and extend learning at home
Exclusive author interviews
Specially curated gifts to spark creativity and imagination
Book-related STEM activity, recipe, discussion questions and more
Perfect for homeschool, family learning or learning pods

The Nitty Gritty
  • $32.99 / mo (price decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for $8.99
  • Use coupon code SUMMER at checkout to get a special discount


Booklandia is bridging the gap in Spanish and Bilingual literacy for young readers. Our vision at Booklandia is to assist in creating beautiful, representative and inclusive home libraries for children. Our authentic Spanish & Bilingual children's books are a great addition to any home. We're back on the Cratejoy Marketplace!
Hand Selected Books from Latin America, Spain and Independent Publishers in the US
We do all the searching! No more late nights on Amazon trying to find Spanish and Bilingual books
Boxes available for all children: babies to middle schoolers
Ability to make a custom box to fit your family's needs
We are committed in selecting inclusive and diverse books

The Nitty Gritty
  • $24.95 / mo (price decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for $3.00

Madmen & Heroes

Join us if you yearn to disentangle puzzles, ciphers and mystifying enigmas to reveal the story within. Each month is a stand alone challenge rooted in history - The CRAAAFT has stories rooted in folklore and the Resystance is based on real life resistance movements throughout time!
Unique and compelling puzzles
As you conquer each box, a story unfolds
Can be played in groups or alone!
Each month is a standalone challenge
Learn about folklore or resistance movements as you solve puzzles!

The Nitty Gritty
  • $29.50 / mo (price decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for $5.00


Beautiful Discovery

Beautiful Discovery kits use visually and kinesthetically engaging patterns of nature to instill a sense of wonder. Discover and deCODE beautiful patterns with art, ecogames, origami, code blocks, and natural wonders. A feeling of awe drives you to learn coding, art, math, science and modeling in an integrated, adventurous, and beautiful way.
A monthly kit of adventures exploring beautiful patterns of life, from the perspectives of all STEAM subjects
Our eco-games, code, origami and art simulate spirals, stripes, flocks and other patterns in biology, ecology, or behavior. See the patterns also in natural wonders, such as real pine cones, shells, minerals, leaves, all included in the boxes
Beautiful Discovery boxes include easy access science-oriented games, drag-and-drop block code, stories and art activities for preteens, and also includes fascinating lessons for adults or teens
Each box comes with lessons for an adult or teen alone, or for a preteen with adult guidance. Ages 9 and up benefit most.
Like a forest walk or museum visit, Beautiful Discovery is accessible to all ages, yet endlessly stimulating the deeper one goes

The Nitty Gritty
  • $35 / mo (price decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for FREE

Spangler Science 

Let’s make science fun one month at a time! A subscription to Spangler Science Club is a guarantee that we’re working together to prepare your young scientist for a future STEM-based career. Choose from one of three levels of hands-on science kits and subscribe to amazing science delivered every month!
Designed by America's science teacher Steve Spangler
Conduct several science experiments and STEM challenges
Packed with science fair project ideas
Recommended for children ages 5-12
Choose from one of three levels of hands-on science kits.

The Nitty Gritty
  • $19.99 / mo (price decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for FREE
  • Use coupon code TRYSTEM10 at checkout to get $10 off

Groovy Lab in a Box

With Groovy Lab in a Box, you will receive boxes full of everything you need to learn about and do hands on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) experiments for ages 8+. We blend Scientific Inquiry and the Engineering Design Process, which allows children to create ingenious inventions, enhance problem solving skills and FUN!
Emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math)
Extended learning through our exclusive online portal
Box ships directly to your STEMist’s door
FREE Shipping in the US

The Nitty Gritty
  • $29.95 / mo
  • Boxes ship for FREE
  • Use coupon code TISGROOVY15 at checkout to get a special discount



Voted #1 STEM box for kids: Bitsbox is a crazyfun subscription box that teaches kids how to code! Bitsbox delivers coding projects that teach kids to make video games, greeting cards, simulations, and more. Kids start by coding from examples and progress quickly to inventing their own apps! WARNING: Frequently leads to fits of giggles!
Perfect for curious kids ages 6 to 12 years old
No experience necessary—beginners welcome!
New projects arrive every month. Each box teaches a new computer science concept
Kids build apps on the Bitsbox website; the apps they build work on any mobile device!
Each subscription comes with unlimited email support for coders

The Nitty Gritty
  • $29.95 / mo (price decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for FREE

Little Workbox

On average, children ages 8-12 in the United States spend 4-6 hours a day watching or using screens. Unplug Kids from digital devices and engage them in the real world with real projects!
Up to 4 projects in each box, physics, chemistry, engineering, robotics and more!
Typical box value $30 - $50
Come with all necessary materials, tools, instructions and videos to complete successful projects.
Immediate shipping! Your first box ships within 72 hours after purchase. Free shipping within the United States.
Great gifts for little makers ages 8 to 15. Younger kids might need extra help from parents depending on hands-on skills.

The Nitty Gritty
  • $19.95 / mo
  • Boxes ship for FREE
  • Use coupon code CRATEJOY10 at checkout to get 10% OFF!

Superpower Academy

Superpower Academy is an Award-Winning subscription that combines STEM, Social and Emotional Learning & Literacy for the next generation of heroes. Monthly "Secret Missions" with hands-on maker projects, comic books and stories of real heroes promote a growth mindset, mindfulness, and skills like dealing with emotions, confidence and empathy.
A fun STEM project to build each month helps kids work on proven skills for lifelong success.
Key Social and Emotional lessons in every box to help parents teach kids about emotions, empathy and making good choices.
Comic books & stories of real heroes gets kids READING!
All boxes include a parent magazine with science and tips for expert thinking about child development and achievement.
Curated by a team of experts to help give busy families a fun head start!

The Nitty Gritty
  • $33 / mo (price decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for FREE
  • Use coupon code CRATEJOY10 at checkout to get 10% OFF


Sproutly Kid

Sproutly is a gardening based, kid friendly subscription box designed for ages 3 and older. Younger kids will enjoy helping their siblings with their new plant, recipe, and craft every month! Once your plant is mature, you can harvest the plant and make the coordinating recipe! Crafts go with the current season and focus on getting outside.
New recipe every month.
New craft every month.
New plant every month for your child to grow.
New box every month.
Almost all pieces are included to complete the craft and grow your new plant!

The Nitty Gritty
  • $24.99 / mo (price decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for FREE

Think Outside 

A year-long outdoor curriculum delivered monthly, serving a wide-range of ages starting at 7. Our program is designed to promote exploration and survival in the great outdoors. Each monthly box covers a new theme from outdoor shelters and night-time discovery to first aid and nutrition. A 2019 Parent's Choice Silver Award Winner!
Designed by outdoor loving parents who want to get kids away from a screen and outside exploring nature.
Supplement your child's learning with this year-long program. Each box comes with a 24+ page education and activity booklet, resource cards, outdoor challenges, and 3 - 5 pieces of quality gear to add to your child's outdoor pack.
Your first box comes with a lightweight packable daypack your child can use for outdoor adventures. You choose your color!
Free shipping within the U.S. using USPS priority shipping. We ship to Canada for only an extra $5 shipping fee and Rest of World for only an extra $10 shipping fee. (All booklets are in English only)
Cancel anytime, no questions asked!

The Nitty Gritty
  • $39.95 / mo (price decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for FREE
  • Use coupon code FIRSTBOX at checkout to get $10 off your first order.


Wonder Crate

Inspire the next generation of change-makers by introducing them to real people that used their courage, perseverance, and passion to make the world a better place. Each package contains a book AND hands-on activity to spark curiosity and connect kids to their own possibilities. Wonder Crate series for ages 8-11 or Wonder Crate Jr. for ages 5-7.
Books from NY Times best selling book series to inspire kids to dream big, one great role model at a time!
Fun hands-on activities to spark curiosity and connect kids to their own possibilities.
Makes a great gift! 1,3, 6 and 12 month gift subscriptions available.
Makes learning at home easy and fun!
FREE shipping on all subscriptions! First month comes in a 100% cotton tote bag.

The Nitty Gritty
  • $29.95 / mo (price decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for FREE
  • Use coupon code CRATEJOY at checkout to get 10% off any subscription.

Kid Lit Art

Kid’s kits created by moms and education experts. You will receive the best, most recent kids’ books with well designed, age-appropriate projects and high-quality supplies for two kids.
Unique and artistic picture books delivered to your door
Frustration-free, open-ended projects specifically designed for children ages 3-8 years old
Choose between our Spark and Deluxe kits: Spark Kit includes one quick art kit and our Deluxe kit includes two art kits - one “ready-set-go” and another more in-depth project
All the supplies you need to create fun and educational projects and enough supplies to do each project twice. Great for siblings, play-dates, or parent-child bonding
Subscribe for 6-12 months to receive substantial savings monthly!

The Nitty Gritty
  • $39.95 / mo (price decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for $8.95


Mysteries in Time  

Inspire a life-long love of history with this exciting award-winning subscription box for kids. Each month, a time machine bursting with fun, educational activities will arrive at your door, introducing a new time in history. Through an exciting combination of fiction, non-fiction, puzzles, crafts & more, children will be inspired to love history.
Devised by a teacher with a passion for history, each box has outstanding educational value
Exciting topics include learning about pharaohs in Ancient Egypt to modern history such as evacuees in WW2
Each box is based around an exciting story, written & illustrated exclusively for us, that follows Max & Katie's adventures through history
Learn fun facts in the supporting magazine, add your timeline sticker to the timeline on the world map and solve the puzzles!
Give the gift of adventure!

The Nitty Gritty
  • £12.95 (decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for £4.95
  • Use coupon code EGYPT50BUMPER at checkout to get 50% off your 1st Bumper Box

Great Canadian Adventure

The Great Canadian Adventure is unique in that our subscription is as educational as it is fun! Each month your child will receive interactive booklet and supplies that will introduce them to the geography or history and culture of each Canadian province.
One Canadian province or territory every month (Nunavut & Northwest Territories combined)
Science experiments applied to the natural systems at work in each province.
Hands-on, less text, more doing.

The Nitty Gritty
  • $27.50 (price decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for $6.00 

Eat 2 Explore

A monthly subscription of eat2explore's food & culture explorer box inspiring families to cook, taste, and discover different world’s cuisines and cultures. Each box contains unique recipes, essential spice/sauce/grain mixes, interactive activity sheets, shopping lists, cooking tools and collectibles (passport, country stickers, flag pins)
17 different countries/regions
Total 12 servings in each box (4 servings per recipe)
New country addition every 4 - 6 months
Curated by culinary chefs and educators
Using the unique foodways of various cultures as a bridge into fun learning and great eating for curious kids and their adults.

The Nitty Gritty
  • $24.95 (price decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for $5.00
  • Use coupon code CRATEJ15 at checkout to get a special discount


One Third Stories

Want your child to learn another language, but no idea where to start? With an original storybook, accompanying audiobook, activity pack, flashcards and games our Story Boxes are the perfect introduction for little language learners. Our stories start in English and end in French or Spanish, introducing vocabulary using our Clockwork Methodology™.
A great introduction to learning a second language
Activity pack, flashcards and games in every box
Audiobook included
Sequential boxes that build on and reinforce the language learning
Shipping included in price

The Nitty Gritty
  • $24.99 (price decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for FREE

TalkBox.Mom  (see more in-depth info here)

Want to teach language, but aren't comfortable because you're not fluent?  No worries!  With TalkBox, you'll be learning alongside your children.  This can be used with young children for bilingual development, or with older children as foreign language curriculum.  The subscription model helps families to stay the course, focusing on different language aspects each month.

The Nitty Gritty
  • Can choose from several different languages
  • Select whether boxes come monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly
  • Boxes ship for FREE
  • Use coupon code holly20 for $20 off your first box


Teacher Care Crate

Teacher Care Crate is your monthly reminder to take care of YOU. Each monthly box includes 6-8 carefully chosen items to promote teacher self care. Past boxes have included bath bombs, stress relief tea, journals, art prints, and artisan chocolate. The Teacher Care Crate is your invitation to let yourself rest.
Designed specifically for teachers
Includes at least one handmade item each month
Perfect gift for yourself or any teacher
6+ items in every box

The Nitty Gritty
  • $29.99 / mo (price decreases with longer subscription)
  • Boxes ship for FREE


  1. I love the ones you have listed for history and geography. Happens to be my favorite subjects. :)

  2. We haven't ever used a box kit like this (other than Pitsco), but they seem fun!

  3. Such a fun tradition! My daughter loved the subscription kit she got for Christmas last year.

  4. I always been curious about the boxes available and I think I would like for my kids to get some as Christmas gifts. What a great and extensive list.


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