Thursday, September 3

Best of the Best Online-Learning Options

We are experiencing an educational revolution of sorts....where the cultural shift is to online learning.  There are so many options, though, that it can be overwhelming!  We've vetted hundreds of options and put together the best of the best to help you teach your students...


Social Studies

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  • Family-style homeschooling just got easier with these online courses!   This site features history and science courses, including Energy Science and the History of Rock and Roll.  Energy Science explores how energy is obtained and used, and it counts as a lab course for high school.  Rock and Roll History covers the music from its roots up to the present day.  See all of the available courses here.  Use code ONLINECOURSE for 25% off one course, good through 9/30/20
  • Get ready for a monumental virtual field trip from Captivating Compass! The Explore New York online course includes everything you need to enjoy learning about New York and present what has been learned in a creative manner. Learn about 38 of New York's most famous people & places. Study geography, literature, music, science, and art with a focus on some of New York's most popular destinations.  Additionally, new Explore the United States Online Courses are launching each week.  Save $2 on any Explore Online Course with coupon code Explore2. Valid through 30-Sept-2020
  • Looking for fantastic science resources?  Kristin Moon Science offers self-paced courses, including Microbiology and Genetics & Heredity.  In Microbiology, students will use text, quizzes, and lab work to learn about the fascinating world of microbiology.  In Genetics & Heredity, students will learn how cellular DNA is expressed as observable traits.  Use coupon code suscriberq for 25% off one full-priced, self-paced course (no expiration).
  • Powerline Productions is your go-to for Christian-based government courses!  Government: God’s Blueprint/Man’s Agenda explores American exceptionalism, forms of government, the roots of freedom, our Constitution, elections, politics, military, manners (self-government), citizenship, and personal freedom. Economics, Finances, & Business will teach your teen biblical economic principles that they can take into adulthood.  Use coupon code GovEcon40off  for 40% off both books until Sept 30, 2020.
  • Bring literature to life with Literary Adventures for Kids!  The Society of Literary Adventurers  provides you with the tools to engage your teen in the classics and give them all they need to earn a high school level literature credit.  The Literary Adventures Clubhouse  gives you the tools you need to ignite a love of reading in your children and create a relaxing and enchanting literature based homeschool.  Right now you can take advantage of a Special Monthly Membership through the following links: Society Membership $14/mon  or Clubhouse Membership $12/mon - expires 9/30/20.
  • Teach the basics with Eight Essential Middle and High School Classes!  These courses include Stocks and Bonds, where students examine the traits of the two investment vehicles to understand their risks and capacity for growth.  They also cover Time Management, where students aim to organize sample agendas into a logical order of activities.  Enjoy your first class free with coupon code FirstFree2020.
  • Schoolhouse Teachers includes all classes, for all grades...and it's one price for the entire family. There are many different learning styles to select from, so if you have one visual kid who needs a relaxed pace and one aural kid who needs a more stringent pace, there are classes that will fit them each. With over 475 classes available, plus extras for mom and dad, this is my favorite resource to offer new families who are wanting to dip their toe into homeschooling but don't even have an idea of how to answer the above questions!

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