Wednesday, August 21

Building a Unit Study

Hands-on Learning is a favorite here, but even if you school traditionally, there is always time for field tripscreating costumes, making a movie, or using's always about getting the experience to cement learning. Our freebiesnovel studies, and curricula are all about reinforcing this learning style - and we hope that you are enjoying them!

Make Your Own
It's not that hard to put together your own unit studies -- take stock of what's going on in your life, current events, what your kids' interests are, and then build from there.  With a library card and the internet, the sky's the limit!  (Just be sure to keep track of what you're studying.)
We're a history-loving family, so our unit studies generally center around a historical era, and then hop down the bunny trails that lead off of it.  Also, as we travel to different locations, we will study geography-specific units - learning about the history specific to the area.  Maybe science is your thing?  Start with a unit on backward from there to the history of electricity, the geography of where the inventors lived, etc.

Keep Track
There are a number of different ways to keep track of your unit studies, including notebooking or photo-journaling.  We prefer the blog method - each of the boys has a private blog where they write and maintain records.  Our road-schooling journey is chronicled at Gypsy Road, and now we are loving the home life here!  Take advantage of our Elementary units & Family Travel units or Novel Studies (these are free resources).

No Time?
There are many great options for pre-made unit studies out there - some that we use frequently - including:

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