Tuesday, August 20

Lego States & Capitals {Freebie}

I don't know about your house, but our boys are all about the Legos!  We try to incorporate them into as many subjects as possible! 

Today, we're using them with geography.  Specifically, we're studying the 50 states right now, along with abbreviations, capitals, and nicknames.

You will need:
Print the page.  Cut the labels and affix to Legos.  You don't have to do any particular color scheme, but if you're going to do the entire state in a singular color, I recommend cutting the strips off horizontally and doing them state by state.  It takes a bit longer, but leaves less room for error. 

We chose to make each state in one color to assist our special needs son with completing the activity.  (It also makes it easier to check.) 

If you want to make it harder, just randomly affix the stickers to various colors!

Store them in a gallon-sized bag for a quick & easy pick up.  They're also great for taking on the road for some quiet, hotel room fun!


  1. Thank you. I know 2 boys who will love playing this game, this year.

  2. Oh my gracious, this is brilliant! I love this creative idea! Pinning to share!


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