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Using The Good & the Beautiful HISTORY for High School ~ FREE Lesson Plans

One question that we're often asked in the Facebook support group for moms using The Good & the Beautiful to teach high school is how to make the history work for a high school credit. If you're not familiar with TGTB, their history program is designed to be used family-style. This means that the entire family, regardless of age / grade can sit around the table and learn together. There are a lot of advantages to this type of learning, as we discussed in How to Do Family-Style Homeschooling, but it might leave you wondering if your teenager is getting enough...

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Lesson Plans

To that end, one of our contributor moms recently created a daily lesson plan that incorporates The Good & the Beautiful, Story of the World audios, Crash Course videos, and a few extra YouTube videos. I love this because it not only challenges the kids further, but also teaches to all of the modalities - aural, visual, and tactile!

This daily plan covers a complete school year and features Ancient through Early Modern World History. Lessons are designed to take about an hour, and each day delineates the pieces used from the three spines, plus there is a supplemental section that includes extra work assigned to high schoolers in the Student Explorers from The Good & the Beautiful. As this set of lesson plans is strictly for high schoolers, elements such as coloring and basic mapwork were removed. If you are primarily teaching middle and high schoolers, you could use these lessons to still complete history family-style.

Sparks Academy

If you're still not sure about teaching high school history, there is also the option to use teacher-led courses at Sparks Academy. They use TGTB for language arts and Notgrass for American History and World History. They also offer a year-long Civics course that covers introductory government and economics. There has been chatter that they may offer history courses using The Good & the Beautiful in the future, but for the '22-'23 school year, they only offer Notgrass. Some benefits to using a co-op, however, include outside accountability, official grading, writing feedback, flexibility, and peer interaction.


This post was provided by Channa Schumacher, a TGTB Mom.  You can find a wealth of information provided by other TGTB Moms at the Extensions Page!

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