Monday, November 4

Yvie's Start-the-Day Wake-Up Serum

Waste not, want not. 

When we began looking to replace our everyday items with more natural ones, a good skin serum was a must. We toyed around with different products, and then landed on one that could be made cheaply and easily right here at home!

This is a great DIY gift for holidays and baby showers, too.  😉

I call it my "wake-up oil" because of the fabulous scent! 

Yvie's Wake Up Serum
  • used coffee grounds
  • olive oil
  • glass jar with a tight lid
  • coffee filter
  • funnel
  • serum jars
  1. Pour the used coffee grounds into your glass jar and cover with olive oil. Put the lid on there (make sure it's tight) and shake it up very well. Let it sit, and shake it daily for the next five to ten days (depending on how strong you want it to be).
  2. When you're ready to transfer it to to a serum jar, get a second container and put the funnel into it. Put the coffee filter into the funnel, and strain your mixture through the filter. This may take a few minutes since it's pretty thick.
  3. Now that they've pulled double duty, you can toss out those used grounds. Put your yummy-smelling oil into a dropper bottle and it will last for several months!
Why does it work?
  • Coffee grounds contain antioxidants, which are generally used in luxury skin care products, and used coffee grounds are just too good to be wasted! You're just going to toss them (so they're free!) and they will improve your skin's appearance after just one use.
  • It works because the stimulant in caffeine dilates the blood vessels, which temporarily tones your skin tissue. They also increase circulation and help release toxins. While they are all short-term effects, the olive oil base of this serum will help to improve your overall skin condition with long-term use. 
    • If you are accustomed to using astringents and drying out your skin, there will be a transitional period where your face may 'freak out' and seem very oily. This is normal and should pass within a week.

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