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Tying Events Together with History at a Glance

Names, dates, facts...these are some of the things that I hear students complain about when they talk about disliking history.  It's too confusing...they can't put it into context.  A visual display, however, can help tie everything together in an easier-to-digest format!

National Geographic History at a Glance: Illustrated Time Lines From Prehistory to the Present Day does this very thing. This beautiful, oversized book puts history in a timeline, with gorgeous photography from National Geographic!

Beautifully illustrated, this penetrating book offers a sweeping view of humanity from prehistory to the modern day, presented in a unique time-line format.

Sweeping but succinct, this comprehensive reference presents all of world history in a browsable format featuring more than three dozen maps, along with hundreds of photographs and illustrations. From the dawn of humankind to today's global complexities, this book provides a compelling reminder that history is unfolding all around us. The epic story of humanity on all seven continents is explored through a unique design that combines concise essays with expansive time lines that invite deeper reading on milestone moments, explained within the broader context of the era. The final chapter highlights such recent events as SpaceX's heavy rocket launch, the restoration of U.S./Cuba relations, and the historical trends that were the precursors to the state of our world today. Informative and richly illustrated, this authoritative take on world history will be a compelling reference you'll turn to again and again.

Within the book are several timelines that create one huge one!  Each time period is broken down into columns by subject, such as world leaders, famous people, science & innovation, and culture.  It is also broken down into columns, featuring the continents / world regions.  This is nice for comparing what's happening on a global scale at any given time.
Spanning from the ancients to modern day, the book is divided into large eras and then broken down into smaller periods.  The chronological table of contents makes it very easy to find what you are seeking, including both the timeline, reflective essays, and photos.
The book includes several essays - each about a specific aspect of culture from that era - throughout the various time periods.  This one on the Great Recession comes from 1990 and beyond.  It is also a very up-to-date book, featuring the last presidential campaign.
We use The Good &  the Beautiful history curriculum for both middle and high school, and love to document our crafts, activities, and extra research goodies in separate posts organized by era.  Check out Ancient Egypt & the Renaissance!

Some of our other favorite Charlotte Mason style history supplements include:

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We received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  See what others are saying about History At a Glance at TLC Book Tours!

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  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this and found it to be a great resource! My older kids (14 and 11) really enjoyed this one too, though I think I was able to appreciate the information more than them. I can see this being a wonderful classroom or home classroom resource! Thank you for being on this tour. Sara @ TLC Book Tours


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