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God's Mail {Review}

Has there ever been a time in your life when you felt alone?  Discouraged? Perhaps having a broken heart for a loved one?  God's Mail is a unique book of poetry and scripture.  We recently had the opportunity to gift a loved one with God's Mail Volume 3, from the God's Mail line by Ron Hardin, and these are her thoughts...

With each poem the writer brings forth questions and thoughts we ask our selves and about others. When the reader is yearning for a relationship with the Lord, and is at a loss of how, the poetry reaches out and connects with the reader.  For example, in "Forgive Me," the writer talks about how during our weakness we can cry out to Him, and He will answer.

As you read each poem, the  writer incorporates corresponding Scripture. What I also found interesting is how the author used many different Bible versions.  When we apply the Word to our lives, we grow so much in Christ; and to see how Scripture is applied to daily life makes saving it in our  hearts that much easier.

The poems have names such as "I'm Only Human"; "No Life"; and "New Found Glory".  Each poem delves into every aspect of ours.

With each poem, the writer brings forth questions and thoughts we ask our selves and others. How can I forgive?  Will He forgive me?  Why do bad things seem to happen to me?  Why is there so much bad in the world?  And with each question we find a scripture, a word to help understand God's plan.

What I found in this book is words that flow from the page to the heart.  It gives you comfort and strength.  As the reader turns the  pages, he can feel the Love of the Lord.  That out Lord is loving, all knowing, and most of all, all forgiving.  You will be greatly encouraged, as you feel God's love and His word come into your heart, turning you into the light that is required of us.

This book was beautifully written, you can feel the annointing in the poems, and that yes, God does love you and He is with you at all times.

So what are the pros and cons?

        Poems that are about life - very easy to relate. 
        The sections are written in a way that is easy to follow and understand.
        The use of the different versions of the Bible make easier study.
        Ease of applying the Word and the Poems.
        Would make a great gift for the new Christian, for the lost, and for people just needing a life pick me up.
        The size of the book is very large.  It resembles a textbook.
        Though the sketches on every page are quite lovely, they do make reading the print rather difficult.
        There were too many endorsements at the beginning.  They would probably do better in the back, as not to distract the reader.
        I think if it was printed in a smaller hardback, it would really increase its appeal as a gift.
        I would like to see more KJV scripture.

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