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We Were There at the Normandy Invasion

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Back in the spring of 1940, toward the beginning of World War 2, Germany had invaded and seized control of France.  Four years later, in 1944, the Allies took it back…

In one of the best-coordinated military operations of modern history, General Eisenhower (later to be President Eisenhower) commanded ‘Operation Overlord’ to take back France.  Based in Britain, the Allies began the invasion by landing a huge army in Normandy, located on the northwest coast of France.  They landed on five beaches in the area – Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword – on the morning of June 6, 1944.

Before arriving by ship, the Allies came by plane, attacking the Nazi defense and dropping paratroopers behind German lines.  They were assisted by local French Resistance fighters, who helped to communicate and to sabotage Germans in the area.

There is no exact count of how many men died, but it is estimated that 425,000 (including both Germans and Allies) were killed, wounded, or missing after the D-Day campaign.  Hitler lost control of France, however, and it was a major turning point in the outcome of World War 2.

Though its code name was ‘Operation Overlord,’ this event is often referred to as D-Day.  The D actually stands for "day."  Typically, any important military invasion was dubbed D-1, and the days after were D+1, D+2, etc.

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