Monday, February 17

Tasty Doughnut Math for All Ages!

Sometimes you have to re-frame the day in a school context!!  We don't have a Krispy Kreme nearby, but my kids call the one near my parents' home "the mothership."  The Krispy Kreme in Winston-Salem is the original store...and it's one of our favorite sweet treats!
In addition to being super yummy (and just terrible for you!), doughnuts are a great way to get some living math into your school day.  They're also an injection of FUN into a long, wintry school month!

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Elementary Math
Upper elementary / middle schoolers
  • Take the multiplication a step further, with bigger numbers
  • Work further with fractions (if each person gets 2 1/2 doughnuts, how many do we need?)
  • Work on estimating and multiplying

High Schoolers

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  1. huh, never would have thought about using donuts to do math. :)


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