Thursday, February 13

The Holy Grail of Pencil Sharpeners! {Review}

Many of you know about our ministry project and how we host classes there as well as provide books and curricula to families.  One of the things we have been most in need of there is a pencil sharpener.  I know, it's a small thing, but when you don't have one, it becomes a really big need!  We went off in search of one, and found the perfect fit!

First off, let's just address how adorably vintage this is!  It reminds me of an old-fashioned sharpener...we just love it!  We opted to pick one up in Groovy Green, which is the perfect retro color, but it also comes in Firehouse Red, Cool Blue, Precious Pink, Popular Purple, Hello Yellow, and Midnight Black.  You're sure to find a color that fits your space!

Remember how the pencil sharpeners used to 'eat' pencils when we were growing up?  You'd crank and crank, and if you weren't careful, you ended up with a one inch long pencil!  This one has an auto-stop.  When the pencil has a good point, it stops sharpening.

It's a table-mounted sharpener, so you'll need a place to set it and clamp it down.  If you clamp down too tightly, you might damage your wood, but if it's not tight enough, it will wiggle around while you're using it.  There is a small drawer to catch all of the pencil shavings.  When it gets full, it's an easy empty and replace...not at all like those metal sharpeners on our classroom walls that you never could quite get back on straight after emptying!

It took me a little bit to figure out how this thing works (it's quite easy if you know the trick!), so let me save you some time:
  • Pull out the metal tray.  This is your pencil pushing on the pencil required.
  • Squeeze the black tabs together, and insert the pencil.  Release the tabs...they're holding it.
  • Crank the handle.  Keep cranking until you feel it release.  It seems to automatically sense when your pencil is sharp enough, and it's usually right!  (The only time we've had trouble is with brand new pencils...and even then it was only once or twice.)
  • Squeeze the black tabs again to release the pencil.  Slide the metal tray back into place while you are squeezing the tabs.
Ok...that may sound complicated, but really it's so super easy even a two-year old could do it....not that I let my two year old sharpen things might end up being his finger.  Shudder!

As for maintaining it, you can purchase replacement blades if you want, but we've had one in our personal homeschool for almost six years now without having to fix it.  It still works perfectly.  If you use pencils, this is totally worth the purchase.  It's good quality, and that's why we know it's going to be perfect for all the kids at our homeschool co-op!

**We received this product for free in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are our own.**

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