Tuesday, February 4

History Throughout the Ages + Bricks Through the Ages

Remember "Barbie Girl," the 90s song?  Sometimes I find myself singing, 'I'm a Lego girl, in a Lego wo-or-orld...."  #truth  #boymom   So we roll with it, and use the Legos to make school more fun!!  

The kids also love costumes.  As they've grown, it's hard to tell which one they prefer more....   As a homeschool mom like you, I'm always looking for ways to incorporate their interests into learningBricks Through the Ages was developed as we studied each of the big historic eras, including costuming, hands-on projects, and the Legos.  Later, when a couple of families said they liked the idea but without the Legos, we updated the files to create History Throughout the Ages.

Each unit covers a different historic era.  There are 175 pages in the entire bundle, and each of the ten units covers writing prompts, real-world math, costume design, and hands-on projects.  This is a great bundle for new homeschoolers or anyone teaching upper elementary or middle school who wants to incorporate a fun day each month!

This bundle includes the following units:

  • World War II
  • Civil War
  • Revolutionary War
  • Early Americans
  • Explorers
  • Renaissance
  • Middle Ages
  • Ancient Rome
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Egypt
Just want the costumes?  Check out Recycled History.
Each unit includes:
  • Copywork quotes - Using cursive script for upper elementary and middle school, students practice handwriting with quotes from famous folks of the era.
  • Real-world math - Primarily practicing multiplication and addition (may use a calculator, if needed), students do some comparative shopping in the markets - and the prominent coinage - of the day!
  • Writing activities - These shorter writing activities include topics from three of the main forms of writing...informative, descriptive, and expository.
  • Art - Students get to design a minifigure that's decked out in the dress of the era! *only included in Bricks Through the Ages*
  • Longer essay - Creative writing gets its own spot with a longer, out-of-the-box-thinking essay prompt.
  • Costume design - Using around-the-house pieces, students are shown how to create their own costumes of the era.
  • Hands-on Activities - Each unit brings something different, from creating Roman mosaics to planting a Victory Garden.  Students are walked step-by-step through the project.

Note - You should only purchase ONE bundle, not both. They are very similar in nature; one is just brick-themed. Please see sample files to compare.

Pick up the Complete History Throughout the Ages Bundle to brighten up your Fun Fridays!


Check out the free Bricks Through the Ages sample!
Pick up the Complete Bricks Through the Ages Bundle to brighten up your Fun Fridays!

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