Monday, February 17

Real-World Math for Students who ask 'WHY?' {Printable}

For so many students, math is thought of as boring and unnecessary.  They just don't see the reason why they need to learn the material.  Do you have one like my middle school student...who struggles constantly with math, and is always asking WHY?!  

Hands-on learning and real world applications are the most effective way to teach these types of students.  Remember in preschool and elementary school, when you used the math manipulatives and blocks to teach addition and subtraction?  Older kids can learn in a similar way through design and real-world scenarios.

We've put together a short workbook of real-world math problems that incorporate many facets of daily life.  Download the book here 

Some of our favorite ways to get middle and high school kids interested in math include...
  • Treasury Direct - Four lesson plans for grades 7-9 that focus on financial skills.
  • Math Motivation - Twenty projects for young adults that focus on life skills.
  • Discovery Education - Nine lessons for middle school and seven lessons for high school, all featuring conceptual math.
  • PUMAS (Practical Uses of Math & Science) - Ninety-three (currently) real-world applications for math, sorted by grade range and keyword.
  • Education World - Math lesson on inflation and costs yesterday vs today.
  • Math-Kitecture - Applied math skills for measuring, computer-aided design, and basic architecture.
  • Instructables - Guides for building simple engineering projects using math concepts.
  • Real World Math - Lessons incorporating Google Earth, including proportion, measurement, and more upper grades concepts.
  • Construction Center - Industry-based math problems using daily life concepts.
  • Daily Math - More than 200 supplemental math worksheets and drills for mastering concepts.
  • SchoolhouseTeachers - Two separate workshops featuring Fractions and Decimals.  These two concepts are crucial for real-world application. 

Did you know you can get SchoolhouseTeachers (and access to EVERYTHING on their site, plus a print magazine) for only $45?  (Regular price $59.97)   Use code FINISHWELL through 3/18 to try out these amazing math courses and SO MUCH more!
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  1. These are fantastic resources. Thank you so much.

    1. It was a labor of necessity. :) I figure more families have these types of kids than we like to talk about...

  2. Such a great roundup of math resources! Thank you!


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