Tuesday, December 17

Road Trip to Orlando + Christmas Around the World

Our kids better not say we've never taken them anywhere....we just visited eleven countries, plus the moon and the future!!!  We've only ever been to Disney once - after all, it's kind of pricey - so we figured to make it count...

 The kids' first stop was Downtown Disney, where we ate at the T-Rex cafĂ© for lunch and  visited the LEGO store. 

Kennedy Space Center
Since we are members of the NASA Passport Program, we visited Kennedy Space Center over at Cape Canaveral.  They had the Atlantis Space Shuttle on exhibit.

We hopped over to Cocoa Beach for a couple of days, played in the surf, and watched the sun rise over the Atlantic.

We spent two days touring the Epcot World showcase.  There are some fantastic Christmas and holiday traditions featured at each of the countries.  The kids can't say that we've never taken them anywhere now....they've been all over Europe!! 







 United States


 United Kingdom  (we watched a hilarious improv of A Christmas Carol) 
Tomorrowland also had great exhibits on communication and aquaponics.  Unfortunately, our camera battery died as we got there...so no photos.  And it was time to head home anyway....next time we'll have to stay longer! 

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