Wednesday, December 4

Road Trip to Frankenmuth & Christmas World

Frankenmuth, Michigan is home to Bronner's Christmas World....a place where it's Christmas year-round!  The town also hosts a quaint German village...
At the door, we were greeted in several different languages.  After all, Santa serves children around the world and is multilingual!  It was pretty neat, and we took some time to try and read them all.
The first thing you'll notice when you step inside is how HUGE this place is!  You need a map just to keep from getting lost!  You will most definitely be able to find something for every. single. person. on your Christmas list here, too, as they have displays for just about everything!
Naturally, the kids were drawn to the large displays....they particularly liked the Nutcrackers and Village Carolers.
Their displays are phenomenal...and enormous!  This one, depicting ancient Bethlehem, was so detailed!  There are secular ones as well, but this was our favorite.  The store name is CHRISTmas World, and they put a lot of emphasis on keeping the Christ in Christmas.  A few of our other favorite decorations included beautiful ornaments by Jessie Vanderberg and the Star Wars Christmas lights!
Just a short distance from Christmas World is the scenic town of Frankenmuth, which seems more like a step back in time to a tiny German village.  We enjoyed the beautiful Bavarian architecture and art that is sprinkled around the area, and spent some time sampling cheeses and meats at the Frankenmuth Cheese Haus before choosing several varieties to bring with us as we continue our journey!

Some of our vintage Christmas ideas include.....
Using wooden star cut-outs, we created decoupage and burned-wood designs.  To make the decoupage ornaments, find a picture that you like, trace the star on it, and cut out the design.  Put a thin layer of glue over the entire front, and smooth the cut-out picture onto it.  
To make the burned-wood ornaments, draw your design (stick with something simple) on the wood and then use a wood burning tool to go over your design.  Easy peasy!
To make the cork reindeer ornament, use a full-size cork for the body and four smaller-sized ones for the legs and head.  Use two buttons for the ears, googly eyes, and glue a red bead to the nose.  You can use twine or pipe cleaners for antlers. 

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