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We Were There at the Battle of Britain

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After conquering France, Belgium, and Norway, Hitler turned his attention toward Britain.  From July 10 to October 31, 1940, the Germans bombed the snot out of this island nation!

While the Blitzkrieg technique had worked well for Germany, the English Channel posed the problem of facing the Royal Navy - which had been a powerhouse for over three hundred years.  They took to the skies, bombing both military and civilian targets day and night.

The Luftwaffe's goal of targeting civilians was to weaken morale, deadening the fighting spirit of the British and forcing them to surrender.  For nearly two months, they dropped bombs on the city of London constantly, destroying buildings and killing innocent people.  Families sent their children to countryside homes to try and protect them.  

The British fired up their RAF planes and took to the skies in defense.  They battled German planes in the air, sending many into the English Channel and thwarting many bombing attempts.  By October, it was clear that the Germans could not kill the British spirit.  They did not attempt to invade England again.  In his famous speech, Prime Minister Winston Churchill talked of the Battle of Britain and the courageous pilots who defended their homeland when he said, “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

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