Monday, September 2

Speech Therapy in Homeschool

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Our most frequent stop on the Special Needs Train is through Speech Therapy Depot...

Speech therapy can get expensive quickly, especially if you're doing private pay.  If you've decided to try and go it alone, here are some excellent, vested resources to help you along.  Everything listed below is free, and geared toward parents rather than professionals.
The final goal of speech therapy is carry-over and independence. As a parent, it's very frustrating when your child is performing correctly in a speech therapy setting, but seems to be making no progress at home.  There are several factors that play into this scenario of frustration and failure...

The First Factor: A lack motivation on the child’s part. It's difficult to blame them for this because we must learn to motivate even the most difficult child.

The Second Factor: The second factor is parents not having the time and/or patience to do the work. We understand what our child is saying, but often forget that others do not.

See our review of Northern Speech Services.

For something more structured and formal (that works!), check out SuperStar SpeechThis volume includes an articulation test to help you determine whether your child's speech skills are age-appropriate, instructions for teaching every speech sound, practice pages and drills for every sound, over 600 picture cards, and dozens of practice games.

Some days our son will tell us what's going on in the United States or across the world (thank you, Little Passports, for the awesome maps!!).  Other days, we'll get the weather report.  Here, he is giving us the standard Oklahoma winter-weather report....including sixty degree temperature swings!  He's very loyal about always pretending to be from the same news station, too, ever since he got to meet their helicopter pilot...

Here are some fun, easy, and FREE resources for you to use with your child to reinforce that carry-over process.

Snag a slew of resources in the Homeschool Helpers Bundle!

Covers ten topics to get your homeschool running smoothly!
Getting Started
· A Parent’s Alphabet
· Choosing the Right Curriculum for Your Family
· Motivating Your Teens
· Seven Steps to Teaching Work Ethic
Special Needs
· Occupational Therapy in Homeschool
· Speech Therapy in Homeschool
· Teaching the Distracted Child
Making it Fun
· Game-Schooling – Learning through Play
· How to Snag Free E-Books
· Holiday Foreign Language Fun

Looking for more?  Check out the original Mom’s Bundle and Homemaking & Homesteading Bundle!

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