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World War II Code Talkers + Novel Study

In American Indian culture, boys are trained from an early age to become warriors. Warriors don't just fight enemies, but also care for their people. With this cultural influence, many felt led to serve in the military during the war. Several thousand Native Americans served during World War 2, but the most famous were the Navajo Code Talkers.

There were two types of codes used by the Native Americans during the war. "Type Two" code involved translating a phrase into a tribal tongue and passing it through radio waves just like that. The more sophisticated code, 'Type One,' was developed using the Navajo language. Each letter of the English alphabet was assigned a Navajo word, usually an animal, and that was used to spell out encrypted messages. The code talkers had to memorize all of the words and be able to perform well under very stressful battle conditions.

This newspaper article below, discussing how code talkers helped win the war, came from the September 19, 1945 issue of the New York Times. Learn about Navajo Folklore in our Modern Mythology series!

Our spine reads for this unit are:

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  • Paper Son & Angel Island Immigration
  • The Red Menace & McCarthyism
  • Johnny Tremain & Faces of the American Revolution
  • Sounder & Sharecropping
  • World War II Code Talkers
  • Flashback Four: Hamilton-Burr Duel
  • Within These Lines & Japanese Internment Camps
  • Flashback Four: Titanic Mission
  • Flashback Four: Lincoln Project
  • The Diviners / The Great Gatsby & Roaring Twenties

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  • We Were There at Pearl Harbor
  • We Were There at the Battle of Bataan
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  • Red Stars
  • The Night Witches
  • Mare’s War
  • We Were There at the Normandy Invasion
  • Code Talkers
  • We Were There at the Battle of the Bulge
  • The Light Between Us
  • We Were There at the Open of the Atomic Era
  • A Merry 1940s Christmas

Product samples:


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