Monday, July 1

Have a Once-in-a-Lifetime Vacation!

Wanting to put more oomph into your family vacation?  Check out an 'experiential trip,' where you'll work together to learn something amazing while enjoying being together!  Some of our favorite options include...

The Wooden Boat School
Located on the coast of Maine, this beautiful location provides educational opportunities for older students and adults. Using hands-on learning, and living family-style, the school offer opportunities to gain experience in boat building, wooden boat maintenance and repair, boat design, woodworking, metalworking, sailing, kayaking, and much, much more.
This program is actually available all over the world, but we think Hawaii would be a pretty fantastic place to go work and experience life for a bit!  In exchange for working on an organic farm, you get food and lodging covered.  You also get the added benefit of learning about best practices in organic farming!
Turtle Island Preserve
Tucked in the Appalachian mountains, this school offers homesteading and 'folk' skills through summer camps (divided by sex) and family camps.  Learn blacksmithing, tanning, traditional culinary skills, and more.  There are even some Father-Son camps, where multiple skills are covered.
White Wilderness
Ever wanted to race in the Iditarod?  Got a hankering to spend your vacation bundled up in the Arctic?  (Not me, but I'm sure there's someone raising their hand...)  At this camp in Minnesota, you'll get to experience dog sledding trips, try your hand at mushing, and sleep in a yurt!
Passport in Time
Spend a week working alongside professional archaeologists!  My kids are totally into ancient history, modern history, any kind of history really...and they've spent several summers playing around at archaeological digs in the yard.  We've unearthed all sorts of bones and lost treasures!  So this one would probably be at the top of our family's list...maybe something in the Northwest.  :)

Say you just won a free trip....which one would your family choose?

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