Monday, July 8

Handmade Kitchen - DIY Projects

Our son has been creating decor for around the house - thanks to his Craftsman Crate - and these are some of his latest additions!

Grilling Apron
A manly apron with a rock & roll twist, he came up with the logo for this before we saw that someone else had thought of it, too.  Great minds think alike!!  He sketched out a design for the apron, and then I helped him learn to embroider the outline.  When it became clear that the rainbow was a bit overwhelming, we decided to finish by painting.

Farmhouse Recipe Box
This project required both his woodburning and kitchen kits to create.  He downloaded a design, printed it, and used it to woodburn the design into the recipe box.  Then he stained the box and painted in the burned areas for a nice contrast.  The inside holds his recipe cards and other small pieces from the kitchen crate.

Boy Scout Cooking Badge
The BSA cooking badge is long, and rather arduous, and these projects helped keep him motivated as he completed each of the tasks required to earn it.  Here, he's making a cheese sauce to go with some yummy homemade his Pink Floyd tee.  He's just completed the badge, and is one step closer to Eagle!

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