Tuesday, July 2

Strictly Vacation

Sometimes, you just have to throw in the towel.....or pull out a towel....and call it a vacation!  When we visited family in Cocoa Beach, Florida, we deemed this one of those occasions....
The beach was hot...WAY HOT...so hot that you burned your feet trying to walk on the sand.  We'd never been to a beach like that!  It was a bit like standing on the sun....and so we were forced to play like children amongst the waves.
My biggest concern was dropping the camera in the water...and the kelp all along the shore was pretty nasty, so I just tossed it on the towel and went in to play!
There's nothing quite like the ocean...it's a balm for your soul, especially if you spend 99.9% of your life away from the water.  It's a place we could all stand to visit a bit more...
We voted and agreed that we could totally get used to this being the view in our backyard!!!  
Our 'last day at the beach' tradition is to get up and watch the sunrise.  When they were younger, the boys were the ones dragging us out of bed with excitement.....so turnabout seemed like fair play.  😉

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  1. Yeah, the beach has been one of our few "typical summer things" that we're doing, too. I'm glad we can at least do that, and go hiking and climb trees. I'm sad about the plans we'll have to save for another year, but I'm trying to focus on what we can do in stead of what we can't.


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