Monday, June 3

Hiking Pilot Mountain

While visiting family in North Carolina, we had the opportunity to visit Pilot Mountain, which has been a navigational landmark for centuries.  It's breathtakingly beautiful, and has several miles of hiking trails to enjoy!
The boys had never hiked up a mountain before, so this was a fun adventure!  We stopped for a few photos ops on the way, and they were fascinated at just how high up in the clouds we were.  We heard stories about airplanes of days past, how the mountain got its name, and more from our local tour guide...Grandpa.
The morning fog was settling beautifully over the hiking trails...making for some haunting scenery.
There are many raptors who call Pilot Mountain their temporary home, especially during migration season.  We were able to see how we compare to the size of them on our hike up to the lookout point.
While we weren't able to see many eagles flying around, we did enjoy the cool weather!
It wouldn't be a trip to the area without stopping off at the that's what we did!  It had warmed up considerably once we descended the mountain.
We found the Alpha Charlie and climbed around on it for a while, too.
It's so cool when you're able to take your kids back to your old stomping grounds.  For me, this airport was my home away from home....the place my grandfather taught me all he knew....and one place that really feels like home.

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