Wednesday, June 26

How to Snag FREE Kindle Books!

In one Facebook group, I'm known as 'the lady who shares the free Happy Hollisters books.'  With over 30 books in this vintage series, and it being one that we're all trying to collect, it's nice to be able to pick them up for free!

Folks are always asking how I find them for this tutorial is to help anyone looking to load their e-reader library on the cheap.  These are my favorite seven ways to score free Kindle books.  It's important to note that the free books change daily.  If you're after something specific, it would be beneficial to check every few days.  Happy treasure hunting!
parent book library
Homeschooling families in particular may be interested in another set of e-books, from SchoolhouseTeachers, that are free in their e-library!

First, let's talk about Amazon Prime.  We all know the get free shipping, special discounts, access to streaming music and videos, plus a lot of extras that I probably don't even know.  But did you know about all of the free book extras that are included?
With Kindle First, Prime members get one free newly-released book per month.  You can choose one of six book selections (though occasionally the company will surprise members will the ability to choose all six!).  Check out this month's selections of Kindle First books.  Not a Prime member?  Learn more here.
Prime Reading is another perk for members that gives access to books and magazines that are free to read.  Unlike 'purchasing' books for free, you do not get to keep these books.  The inventory rotates, so keep an eye on your wishlist!  Check out all of the Prime Reading Books.
If your inner-bibliophile just can't be satisfied with these options, Prime members also have access to Kindle Unlimited.  The 'free' books here actually cost 9.99 / month to access, BUT there are a ton of great best-sellers and new releases included!  Not sure if this is you?  Try it for a month at no cost.  Check out the Kindle Unlimited books here.   Try out a 30-Day free trial of Kindle Unlimited here.
Not interested in Amazon Prime?   Try your local library.  Most libraries use the Overdrive app, which allows you to check out e-books through Amazon at no cost.  You'll need a library card and online access to your library's card catalog.  At checkout, just sign in to your Amazon account and choose the device where you want your book sent.  The Overdrive app is available on most platforms.
Kindle Advanced Search is a great tool for searching by author, title, or keyword.  It also allows you to refine search results by reader age.  Choose 'sort results by' and click 'price: low to high.'  This will put all of the free books in your tailored results at the top of the list.  Check out Kindle Advanced Search.
The Master List of Free Kindle Books is sorted by bestselling titles.  Go to the master list to see all free e-books available at the moment.  On the left-hand side of the page is a list of all the book genres.  You can click on a category to see the free books in that genre.  Some can be narrowed into sub-categories as well.

The simplest method is a simple search by genre.  The links below will take you to all the free books available today in the specific genre.
Prime Book Box is a paid subscription service that will send your child new books to read, based on age, gender, and reading preferences.  Parents save 40% off Amazon list prices when using Prime Book Box.  The first month is discounted to give you a chance to check it out for yourself!

We hope this helps you to save big on books!

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