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The Chosen + Zionist Movement

In the book, "The Chosen," at one meal, Reuven mentions that some feel it is time to establish a Jewish state, which sends Rabbi Saunders into a fierce tirade against Zionism: for the ultra-orthodox, a secular Jewish state established by man without the coming of the Messiah is against God's will.  So what exactly is Zionism....?

Zionism is both a nationalist movement and an ideological one that supports the establishment of a Jewish state in the area where Canaan and the Holy Land were thought to be, which is in the region of Palestine and Israel, based on a long Jewish connection to that area.

The modern Zionist movement emerged in the late 1800s in Europe as a reaction to anti-Semitism (disliking Jews simply because they were Jewish).  Soon after this, most leaders of the movement associated the main goal with creating the desired state in Palestine, an area that was controlled by the Ottoman Empire at the time.

Zionism proposed the establishment of a state where Jews would be free from the persecutions, humiliations, discrimination, and antisemitism they had been subject to, most recently during World War 2.  A variety of Zionism, called cultural Zionism, founded and represented most prominently by Ahad Ha'am, fostered a secular vision of a Jewish "spiritual center" in Israel.  Unlike Herzl, the founder of political Zionism, Ahad Ha'am wanted Israel to be "a Jewish state and not merely a state of Jews."

It should be noted that the movement was not without issues.  There was Jewish opposition to the Zionist movement long before the state of Israel was declared in 1948.  Even today, some ultra-Orthodox groups oppose the state of Israel because they believe the true Jewish state will only be established with the coming of the Messiah.  There are also critics of the Israeli building of settlements.  The Israelis see these things as necessary for protection, while Palestinian supporters see it as a colonizing land grab.

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