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Ancient History - the Relaxed Way - with The Homeschool Garden

Y'all know that we love our history! One of my favorite things about homeschooling when the boys were younger was the ability to school together as a family. As they got older and branched off into individual studies, this together time started to fall off. We still read aloud each morning during breakfast, but when I want to bring us back to this family-style learning, I generally turn to the Homeschool Garden...

These easy to implement sessions are planned out and ready for you to place in your schedule wherever it fits best.  I could spend several hours trying to dig up resources, but they have already done the work for me (and really, who has that kind of time anymore?).  They have a variety of subject sessions, plus five different Advent studies, and you're sure to find a few that intrigue your family.  One of the best parts about these units is that everything is included - there are no other purchases required.

When the boys were younger, each morning, we would work together for about thirty minutes on a group study.  Fine arts, music, history, nature study, cooking, read-aloud, hand-crafts, Shakespeare, and art history are all included.  Now that they are older, we usually set aside a day or two away from 'regular school' to work on the activities together.  It's a fun break!

The lesson plans are broken down into bite-sized chunks, so that you can incorporate a little bit into each day.  For our family, we took the entire Ancient History curriculum and broke it into a five-day FUN week!  This 30-day session (or one week session, if you want to be a rule-breaker, too) covers: 

  • history
  • nature study
  • read alouds (with a recommended reading list)
  • hand-crafts
  • baking
  • poetry tea time
  • life skills
  • music & hymns
  • art study
  • artist study
  • composer study
  • copywork


Use code FRIENDSANDFAMILY to take 50% off any one session (not bundles) at The Homeschool Garden.  Where it asks, be sure to tell them Yvie sent ya!  😊

Ancient History I

The first session of Ancient History covers Creation, Mesopotamia, and Egypt.  A second ancient history session is coming which will feature Greece, Rome, and the life of Christ.
  • A 6 week schedule
  • Daily scripture readings
  • Four versions of copy work from Be Thou My Vision
  • 3 poetry selections, a hymn, and a folksong
  • 3 Teatimes – an authentic Egyptian bread recipe, a 7 Wonders of the Ancient World tea time, and a Torah candy teatime.
    • There is also a sugar cookie activity with Cat of Bubastes
  • Art study of Bible images in art plus 6 art selections (art is included)
  • History of Jewish religious music plus six music selections (music is included)
  • Insect origami craft (six choices of insect)
  • Joseph and his Coat of Many Colors pastel lesson
  • Plus an abstract floral acrylic painting for mom
  • Flashcards for nature found in the Old Testament
  • The Cat of Bubastes & geography of this book
    • There are several maps and a geography guide
  • Shakespeare's Two Gentlemen of Verona
  • Children’s Plutarch (complete book!)
  • Prayer, scripture memory, and poetry memory work
  • Recommended reading list for further learning
  • Bonus game board activity

You have the option of downloading the materials and using things offline, or logging into your account and accessing all of the lessons and materials digitally.  One advantage to going online is that a few of the activities have videos to accompany them.  Using The Homeschool Garden will provide you with a Charlotte Mason, family-style approach that allows you to enjoy learning alongside your teens!

I typically download the whole enchilada of printable materials and then use it alongside the My Courses section of our account.  This makes it easy to utilize both the streaming and print activities concurrently.

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