Monday, March 7

The History of Rock & Roll

I LOVE music, all music, but especially classic rock. I even took "The History of Rock" as a college course (Best. Class. Ever!).  Also...not the easy-A you would expect, but a fantastic way to make friends...  I digress.

Our youngest also happens to be a big fan of classic rock, particularly the big hair bands.  I blame his dad.  Those eleven months he was in the hospital, when we would hold him and talk to wasn't sure what to say.  So the nurse told him to sing to him.  Dad's not much for the kid was serenaded with big hair ballads from the 80s.  💖  Which I've always thought was totally adorable....

I digress again.  It's a squirrel thing.  Boy, my ADD is really showing today....

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

This one time, when we were roadschooling, we stopped in Cleveland to visit a NASA museum.  And the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was right next door!  My husband knew that it was going to be a long day...  

Still, fantastic roadschool field trip.  And everyone in the family got to do their 'thing' at some point that day.

Check out the Roadschool Trip to Cleveland for a virtual field trip!  We even get to visit the SiriusXM radio station...

Field Trip to a Sound Studio

Fast forward a few years, and the little one is still very much into his music.  Y'all know how it is with they like this; tomorrow they like that instead.  But not this one.  He has a two-track mind -- airplanes and music.

He wants to be a roadie-pilot.  I keep trying to tell him - musicians and airplanes...not a great combination.  But anyway...

While roadschooling the east coast, we stopped by to visit an old friend who is now running a sound studio.  (Everything can be turned into a learning experience!)  I got good conversation, and little'un got a hands-on lesson about using the sound equipment.

Want to peek in on that field trip and pick up some roadie tricks?

History of Rock & Roll Curriculum

After taking all those field trips, plus a few concerts (even in the 'rona era), a few concert DVDs, some courses on Udemy, and....his favorite part of the week....running the studio at church on Sunday mornings and evenings, the two of us finally decided to sit down together and create a history curriculum specifically tailored to this topic of interest!

Dive back into time to discover rock & roll’s roots and see how the music developed along the way. These lessons begin with the various origins, discuss how they intertwined, and proceed through the new millennium. Writing assignments, listening exercises, and videos are included to enhance the learning experience!

Each of the nine modules features several sub-modules:
  • Introduction
  • Origins
  • Pre-Natal Period
  • Birth of Rock & Roll
  • The Sixties
  • The Seventies
  • The Eighties
  • The Nineties
  • A New Millennium

And for those of you who are wondering about this whole roadschooling / field trip should totally try it!  Even if just for a week.  

Road-schooling :  a form of homeschooling that involves traveling, allowing the places and experiences to drive learning  (compatible with, but not the same as, Unschooling)

If you need an idea, you'll find many of our roadschooling trips here, complete with travel tips, ideas for visiting each location, and unit studies for those trips.

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