Tuesday, August 4

Fleshing Out The Good & the Beautiful History for High School

One question that is frequently asked in the Good & the Beautiful group for high school families is whether or not the history is meaty enough to count for a full credit.  The short answer is yes, it is.  Especially if you have a child that isn't planning to major in history or government.  If your student chooses to do all of the extra readings and writing assignments in the 10th-12th grade student explorer packet, it can be quite a bit!

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For our upper grades kiddos, though, we opted to let them choose some of the assignments from the student explorers and then flesh out topics further with some hands-on fun.  Sure...we could suck the joy of out life and make it all collegiate, but there's going to be plenty of that in just a few short years.  How many college professors let you color and play games?  (Actually, with all the societal changes, I have no idea if they do that now...but they didn't when I was there.)  Thanks to Write Bonnie Rose and her awesome resources, we are able to inject FUN into every unit!

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Ancient History
Middle Ages
Multiple Topics/Periods
A Look Back at Modern History
American Civil War
World War I and II
U.S. Government
Famous Scientists in History

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