Wednesday, May 27

Roadschool Field Trip to Williamsburg

Thanks to family members being stationed in the Hampton Roads area, we had the great fortune of having a few weeks to roll around eastern Virginia!  For two days, we visited the township of Williamsburg, in the Virginia colony.  Two brothers, one on each side of this battle, were determined to find truth and understanding in this colonial battle...
This young patriot took his life into his own hands as he prepared to walk straight into the Governor's Mansion!  He was very determined to see where his tax dollars were being used...
The Governor's Mansion was immense and exquisitely furnished for a colony dwelling.  It was well-armed with over five hundred weapons in the foyer alone!
We took some time for a spot of afternoon tea, a break from the walking, and a chance to meet with some of the community leaders.  The gingerbread tea cakes were quite tasty!  Then it was up to the community's magazine....learning about all of the weapons, munitions, and accessories to be used by the local militia.  They were ready to protect and defend.
When it was discovered that the colonists' munitions and gunpowder had been seized by the governor, rioting began in the streets. There was a revolution underway!
The Patriots decided to storm the mansion and demand return of community property.  On this particular occasion, a young patriot stepped up to lead the way!
The Governor's representatives came out to squelch the revolution, with sharp shooters on the mansion roof.  We all know, of course, how that turned out...
The youngest took a LOT of flack for being dressed as one of the Royal Guard, rather than a Patriot, but he enjoyed the attention!

We spent over an hour talking with the gardener and learned about the secret behind the green glass...

The boys had several questions about mechanics in the armory........
......and spent ages in the blacksmith shop!

As we wandered around, marveling at the walks and spires, it was easy to slip back into time.
The open air market was in full bloom, as it was a beautiful autumn day!

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If you've not had the chance to visit Williamsburg, and you find yourself in the area, we highly suggest making time for the stop!  True, the tickets can be pricey, but there are many ways to obtain a discount...and it's totally worth it!

Come back next week to visit Jamestown & Yorktown!

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