Monday, April 1

Subscription Boxes for Teens : Craftsman Crate

Being a #boymom is the best job ever!  I always thought that I wanted a house full of girls....until I got all boys. The hands-on projects, the laughter, the hugs...and yes, sometimes, the drama, too.  (Can we talk about that period between 10 and 12?)

One thing that's a challenge, however, raising boys is finding quality learning toys that are geared toward them.  This new feminist movement to make everything geared toward girls is fine...we need to advance our young women...but it's come at the expense of our boys.  If you don't believe me, spend a day looking around and actually paying attention to marketing....

When my good friend Melanie, of Raising Real Men, told me about her idea to do a subscription box geared toward tween and teen boys during a homeschool convention last year, I got really excited!  We tried out some of the individual Craftsman Crate boxes ahead of time, and then signed up to be some of the first on board when the project began.  We've used a lot of subscription boxes in the last seven or eight years, but this is the one that speaks to our kids the most!

These subscription boxes aren't your run-of-the-mill 'read a bit, do a bit' projects.  They are in-depth, hands-on experiences.  Since the subscription's inception, we've done wood burning, wood carving, calligraphy, and metal working.  This month, however - as you'll see in the unboxing - got the "Coolest Kit Ever!" award.  The boxes are designed to teach artisan skills, such as those your grandfather or great-grandfather would have learned, and it's one of the best boxes for teens currently out there.

Each month, the box arrives, looking like a wooden crate.  Inside are all of the pieces necessary to create one, and usually more, hand-crafted artisan piece based on that month's theme.  From specialized tools down to the bits of wood and paper needed, it's all in the box so that there's no need for a run to the store to complete your project.  To the right are the contents of the Calligraphy Box.

The kits include an itemized list of what's in the box, along with why it's in the box, for you to familiarize yourself with before beginning.  Or, if you're like my kids, you can toss that aside and just dive in headfirst and figure it out as you go!  (It's a boy thing...)  There is also a book, or guide, to help you through the project.  This is not a step-by-step guide, but more of a book that includes several options for how to complete your project.  I like this because it encourages some thinking, planning, occasionally researching, and it promotes individuality.

At only $39.97/month (which includes the shipping costs), this is a reasonably-priced addition to our educational arsenal.  A new kit arrives each month, and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

For more information, please check out Craftsman Crate.

Raising Real Men is generously offering readers a discount of $10 off their first box.  Use code FIRSTTEN at checkout!

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  1. I Have looked at this crate a few times... shipping to Canada is a bit of a problem. :( trying to figure a work around for that.

    1. Are you close enough to the border to be one of those people who has a PO box in upstate? I've heard of folks doing that...


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