Thursday, April 4

FREE Packing Lists for Your Family Road Trip!

Just a year ago, traveling was our's so hard to believe how much things can change in such a short span of time!  We spent nearly six years on the road, traveling around the United States and occasionally out of country, and I wouldn't trade a second of it.

If you ever have the chance to roadschool, or even take an extended vacation, jump at it.  The money spent on experiences creates memories, which can never be taken away.  It gives you a connection with your children that can't be beat!  You can find out more about How to Get Started Road-Schooling here.

In preparation for summer vacation, and for our one trip of 2019 (my gypsy soul is sad!), we're talking about efficiently packing your bags today....with some free printables to get you out the door faster!

Packing for a road trip is a great opportunity to get the kids involved and teach some responsibility.  Even kids as young as two or three can help with counting and sorting!

Our older children take responsibility for their own wardrobe and entertainment, using these packing lists as a guide.  This is not to say that I won't double-check behind them - because I often do - but they don't know that.

Each child gets half a suitcase along with a personal carry-bag.  The carry-bag totes toys, books, and other activities to keep them occupied on the road.  We've never tolerated "are we there yet?"  Typically, one of the activities in their carry-bag is a US map, which they use to record our route and various stops along the way.  It makes a nice, visual journal for later, and as a bonus, they're learning geography!

With these checklists, packing is a breeze....I don't worry about forgetting something, they're learning to gear up and take some responsibility for their belongings, and we all start the vacation in stress-free mode!

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