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Sean Livingstone series + Printable Activity Pack

Part Indiana Jones, part every other Hollywood blockbuster from the past twenty years....the Sean Livingstone series features a band of teens who fight an alien race to save the world!

Crown of the Pharaohs (Book One)
Fifteen-year-old Sean Livingstone is on the adventure of a lifetime, visiting his dad, an archaeologist who has just discovered an ancient alien device beneath the Sphinx – a find that reveals a forgotten chapter in human history, placing everything we know about life on Earth into question. But they’re not the first to uncover the truth. A reclusive billionaire and his assassins will stop at nothing to keep the revelation a secret from the rest of the world. Running for his life, Sean is catapulted out of time and place – into a world where humans live on the brink of extinction, dominated by aliens and their monstrous hybrid creations. With the past, present, and future hanging in the balance, only Sean can unlock the power of the pharaohs crown and save humanity.

Ark of the Gods (Book Two)
After 10,000 years, the alien race known as the Isharkute have returned to Earth, intent on enslaving humanity. Only one thing can stop them: the legendary Ark of the Covenant – an alien device of incredible power. Three cryptic riddles to the Ark have been hidden across the world, clues only Sean and his alien friend Nocao can decipher. With unexpected new companions, sixteen-year-old Bella and her older brother Arturo along for the ride, their quest takes them to far-off locations while unravelling some of the greatest mysteries of all time. But Senetep is close behind. His Isharkute invasion has brought death, destruction and a terrifying new army of hybrids. With governments and civilisations in ruins, it’s a race against time to find the Ark before Senetep. Can Sean unite humanity and save the world?

General Notes...

  • Part of the fun of these stories is picking out all of the references....such as the Babel Fish from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy!
  • Aliens, mythology, magic....if your family avoids such things, these are not the books for you.
  • There are some violent deaths, particularly as Senetep (evil dude) steps in.  They're comparable to primetime TV, but forewarned is forearmed.
  • The third book in the trilogy, 'The Spearhead of Creation,' will tie everything together.
Regarding Hi-Lo Students...
  • At the beginning of book one, there are two characters - Sean & Seth - on opposite sides.  Because their names are so similar, it would be easy for some to get them confused, which could delay their ability to 'form' a character in their mind.
  • The beginning of book one starts out slow, but once the action picks up, it's fast-paced from there on out.
  • As the author is Australian, there is the occasional instance of a British spelling.
Space, Aliens, and Mythological Creatures


Make / Do










  • What role did astronomy play in ancient civilizations?
  • Where do you think the idea for ancient mythological creatures originated? 
  • What do you think archaeologists will find from our society 2,000 years from now, and what will their findings say about us? 
  • What objects might lead to the misinterpretation of our culture by future archaeologists? 

Questions for the Author.....
What inspired you to write the Sean Livingstone series?
  • I was inspired by history and the fact that there’s still so many unanswered questions about our past. There seems to be striking similarities between different cultures in their religions and mythology, even when they’re from opposite sides of the world. Was there an ancient, advanced civilisation that existed long before us? There’s certainly evidence of ancient megalithic construction all over the world, things we can’t even replicate today. The Great Pyramid at Giza is the perfect example. I’d been thinking about these things all my life, and when it came to writing the Sean Livingstone books, I just let my imagination go wild. I tried to work in many of the unanswered questions about our past in a fun and entertaining way. Even though a big portion of Sean Livingstone’s adventure is pure science-fiction and fantasy, the story is built upon a foundation of real historical events and well-known legends. Ultimately, I’d love the Sean Livingstone series to spark the reader’s interest in history and for them to investigate and discover other incredible facts about our past for themselves.

Tell us about yourself -- 
  • I’m a dad with three children, two boys and a girl. I enjoy camping and being involved with all my kids school and sporting activities. I love writing, always have. I’m a huge Star Wars & Indiana Jones nerd. I enjoy going to the gym and keeping fit. As a writer, I’m writing the kinds of books that I wanted to read when I was growing up, with the added bonus of being able to share them with my kids and the rest of the world.

Interested in mythology?  Find sixteen world mythology units in the World Mythology Unit Studies Bundle!

Includes sixteen unit studies covering world mythologies. Each unit addresses a new topic, spanning ancient through modern history.
  • Each unit has introductory text, which will give the student basic background information about the topic at hand.
  • There are photographs and illustrations, and we have also included primary documents when available.
  • After this text, there are featured videos, which augment the background information and help make the topic more accessible for more visual students.
  • You will also find a short list of reading books, including a featured novel that the unit builds upon.
  • There are vocabulary words, places, and people to identify.
  • Reading comprehension, critical thinking questions, and writing assignments are included.
  • We add fun with hands-on activities and extra videos to watch that will bring the era to life.

These studies are directed toward upper grades students, but some have resources for younger students so that the whole family can work together. Our family has used unit studies as curriculum for many years, and we hope that your family will enjoy these, too!

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