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Magnus Chase & Norse Mythology

The tales of Norse myths are told in the poetic and prose edda, and they were written by Snorri Sturloson. From the great abyss, known as Ginnungagap, came the world of fire (Muspellheim) and the world of ice (Niflheim). In the neutral area where the two worlds met, a giant named Ymir was created from drops of melted ice.

To feed himself, he created Adhumla, the primordial sheep. While he was sleeping, the lesser frost giants manifested from the remaining dew. Licking the salty blocks of frozen ice, Adhumla freed Bori (a giant) from the ice. His son, Borr, married Bestla, the daughter of a giant, and they had three sons - Odin, Vili, and Ve.  These boys believed they were destined to rule the world, so they killed Ymir. 

The three sons made the world, the sky, and the clouds from Ymir's body. They created man and woman from two trees, and Odin became the father of all the gods. 

Baldr was a son of Odin and the most handsome of all of the gods. One day, his mother, Frigg, had a dream that he was going to die. She commanded all things in the world not to harm her son, but she forgot mistletoe. Loki fashioned an arrow with a tip of mistletoe and guided Baldr's blind brother, Hodr's, hand to aim at him while the gods where throwing things at him to see if they could harm him. Baldr's brother killed him. 

In search of infinite wisdom, Odin went to the well of Mimir at the roots of Yggdrasil. In exchange for the knowledge, Odin gave Mimir his left eye and hung himself for nine days.  Odin has two wolves who keep him company as he travels the world.  He also keeps two ravens, who help to find food for the wolves and have the job of reporting back on events around the nine worlds.

Did you know...?  In Old Norse sources, trolls dwelled in isolated rocks, mountains, or caves, lived together in small family units, and were rarely helpful to human beings.

Pronunciation Guide

  • Ginnungagap --GEEN-un-guh-gahp
  • Muspellheim--MOOS-pehl-haym
  • Niflheim--NIHF-uhl-haym
  • Adhumla--ahd-HOOM-lah
  • Baldr--BALD-er
  • Mimir--MIH-mear
For this unit, our spine read is Magnus Chase

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  1. We LOVE this series; really anything by Rick Riordan is a huge hit in this house and I just love how much my boys have learned about all sorts of mythology by listening to him. Thanks for sharing at our Encouraging hearts and Home part. Pinned.

    1. Anything that gets our boys reading, right? (Well, anything within reason.) :)

  2. This is definitely a series I need to share with one of my daughters. I think she would love this.

    Thanks for sharing at Drop Everything And Read at Tales of a Pee Dee Mama.

    1. Probably! It seems like most tweens and teens are enjoying these!

  3. I need to go back and reread some of the Norse Mythology - I enjoyed reading about it more when I was playing the Age of Empires game with the Norse gods.

  4. Mythology is always so intresting to me. I enjoy it.


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