Wednesday, August 3

Best Kid's Books about Survival

Recently, there has been a rise in the popularity of survival-based books for children.  Our boys were definitely drawn to these more rough and tumble types of books, but they're not just for boys.  Here are some of our favorite survival books for youth...

Why read survival books?  

Where these life skills were once a part of everyday life, kids today have to be taught survival skills, and you know that we love teaching through literature!  We prefer the classic survival stories, but dystopian literature has its place, too, in teaching these skills.

What skills?

Emergency preparedness, cooking, woodcarving, gardening, camping, first aid...I feel like I'm listing Boy Scout badges here, but these are all life skills that kids need to learn.  We've also selected books for herbal remedies and outdoor cooking.

What survival books would you add to this list?

For more literature resources, check out SchoolhouseTeachers! It includes all classes, for all grades…and it’s one price for the entire family. There are many different learning styles to select from, so if you have one visual kid who needs a relaxed pace and one aural kid who needs a more stringent pace, there are classes that will fit them each. With over 475 classes available, plus extras for mom and dad, this is my favorite resource to offer new families wanting to dip their toe into homeschooling! 

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Hands-On Learning

For hands-on learning, we also recommend the Craftsman Crate.  These subscription boxes aren't your run-of-the-mill 'read a bit, do a bit' projects.  They are in-depth, hands-on experiences.  Since the subscription's inception, we've done wood burning, wood carving, calligraphy, and metal working.  This month, however - as you'll see in the unboxing - got the "Coolest Kit Ever!" award.  The boxes are designed to teach artisan skills, such as those your grandfather or great-grandfather would have learned, and it's one of the best boxes for teens currently out there.

Get the skinny on these projects here.

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