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What they DON'T Teach Teens {Giveaway}

Young people coming of age today face new risks, expectations, and laws that didn't exist when their parents were young. Whether it’s police interactions, dating and sexual violence, cyberbullying, or underage sexting, parents are encountering a whole new set of problems and there aren’t enough resources to turn towards...

In a new book, What They Don’t Teach Teens: Life Safety Skills for Teens and the Adults Who Care For Them, Jonathan Cristall provides parents a 21st century guidebook of life safety skills for teens and themselves covering physical safety, sexual consent, social media, your rights with the police, sexual harassment, situational awareness, dating violence, smartphones, and more. What They Don't Teach Teens, a book like no other, provides teens, tweens, and young adults with up-to-date, realistic strategies to protect themselves against the pitfalls of modern adolescence. 

This is the definitive 21st-century guidebook of life safety skills for teens, their parents, and other caregivers, covering physical safety, sexual consent, social media, your rights with the police, situational awareness, dating violence, smartphones, and more.  It really breaks down some very important lessons that are usually only learned the hard way. While some kids will still have to learn through life experience, this is going to be a great conversation-starter for our classroom to talk about some bigger issues that we teachers don't usually consider teaching!

Author Jonathan Cristall was once a troubled teen himself and made many mistakes growing up--some which nearly cost him his life. Cristall, is now a recognized sexual violence prevention instructor with LA-based non-profit Peace Over Violence and works extensively with teenagers and their families to teach the many concepts in the book through workshops and speaking engagements. Drawing on Cristall’s hands-on experience, What They Don't Teach Teens gives parents and other caregivers techniques for talking to their children about these urgent issues.

A must-read for all families, What They Don't Teach Teens is filled with practical guidance, thoughtful insight, and simple-to-use tips and tactics that will empower young people to make good choices now and in the future. In the book and at his workshops, Jonathan Cristall gives sound advice on:

Police Interactions and Personal Safety:
  • Do your children know their constitutional rights and how to use them if needed?
  • What should they do or not do when stopped by police while driving or approached on the street?
  • What are your teens rights for stopping a search by police?
  • What should your teen say or not say to a police officer?
  • What should they do if targeted in a street robbery or with gun violence?
  • Why is it important that they stay situationally aware and how can they best do so?
Sexual Violence and Misconduct:
  • Does your teen understand sexual consent?
  • Does he or she know what acts can amount to sexual harassment?
  • Have you discussed dating violence with your children?
  • Do you know that the fasting growing cyber-crime against teens is sextortion? Do you know how to prevent this from happening to your sons and daughters?
Staying Safer Online:
  • The importance of a positive digital footprint
  • How to identify cyberbullying and what to do about it.
  • Halting common teen culture issues like underage sexting
  • And so much more …

Giveaway!!  The author has generously offered to giveaway a physical copy of this book for one of our readers! (open to US only)  Enter to win on the Homeschooling Upper Grades landing page!

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