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Best Gifts for Homeschool Moms

Have you heard the phrase "The days are long, but the years are short?" Homeschooling is a rewarding task, but one that takes both patience and fortitude. Every day. Every week. Every year.

For anyone with a homeschooling parent on their shopping list, this gift guide covers:
  • introverted & extroverted types
  • tangible and non-tangible gifts
  • pricey all the way down to free gifts
  • practical & fun ideas
Are you a homeschooling mom? Sneak this post into an email to the hubby! He'll have lots of ideas to choose from for a surprise...

ASTC Membership
Who loves free field trips?!  The ASTC Travel Passport Program gives members free general admission to science centers and museums outside their local area, in addition to all of the benefits of their home museum. Join the savviest families, and visit more than 350 science centers and museums in 20 countries around the world!
Drawer Cart
This little piece of furniture is much talked about in the online homeschool community...it's the holy grail of organization!  It is so magnificent for so many reasons, including varying drawer sizes that allow you to be selective with your storage needs!  Plus, it rolls and has working space on the top.  There are colored versions, too, so that each kid can have a different colored drawer.

Dinner...it's done!  Forgot to thaw something?  Not a problem.  This baby cooks everything from frozen meat to dried beans in record time.  For the mom who's not really the meal-planning type, this takes the stress out of getting a healthy, home-cooked meal on the table at the end of a long homeschooling day. 
Comb Binder
This one might seem odd, but do you know how much curriculum is going digital these days?  The homeschooling parent is not only purchasing it, but now they have to print and bind it, too...and that can get pricey.  With a comb binder, it's super easy to coil bind the curriculum books.  Use the laminator to do a front and back cover, and you've got something that will last without breaking the bank!
Fellowes SaturnTM 3i 125 Laminator with Pouch Starter Kit
Laminator & Pouches
This is the exact laminator our family has, and my most-recommended purchase for new homeschooling families!  Flash cards, game pieces, posters...anything that you want to last through multiple children needs a turn through the laminator.  Having your own at home actually makes it affordable...

Wall Maps
If the kitchen / dining room doesn't look like a one-room schoolhouse, are you even trying?!  These beautiful wall maps come in different sizes and are perfect for use in the homeschool room.  It's much easier to gather everyone around the wall map and point out things than to have them crowd around the Google app...  Our favorites are the World Map and US Map.

Amazon Prime
An Amazon Prime Membership comes with many benefits!  In addition to the same-day and two-day shipping (which is pretty amazing for the mom who can't just up and run to the store for last-minute science project supplies), you can stream all kinds of video content, from documentaries to go with all the school subjects, to things to keep the kids busy while you get dinner one!
Whether you’re new to homeschooling or about to graduate another child, there will come a time this year when you need to hear words of encouragement.  Here are some of our favorite encouraging books…just for you!

Check out our favorite fifteen books that all homeschooling moms should read!
Updated Tech
Much of today's homeschool education comes in a streaming format, so an updated tablet or laptop becomes a necessity.  New technology keeps up the digital capabilities, allows for more memory, and can interface with other tech such as the Echo Dot or bluetooth headphones (wonderful for when multiple kids are trying to stream classes at the same time)!

Gift Cards
Sometimes you're just not sure what to get, or you run out of time...and this is where gift cards come in handy.  A gift card to a favorite restaurant, store, or (dare I say!) spa could be just the ticket!  Decide whether you want to be practical or grant her a luxury, and then go from there.

Want to know the best gift you can get a homeschooling parent?  TIME.  Time all alone...whether it's for an evening or a weekend.  A spa day or a day at home with no one else around.  The best part of this gift is that, not only will she love it, but it's FREE!

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  1. I'm a homeschool mom and I confess, I have a laminator on my wish list! Great list of ideas and awesome giveaway!

  2. I do love that laminator!


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