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Middle Ages Unit Resources

Year one of The Good & the Beautiful History focuses on the Middle Ages.  With knights and castles, Joan of Arc and King Alfred the Great, and the ever-popular-with-boys Black Death, this is a unit that begs for extra 'fun learning' time!

As we wrapped up this unit on the Middle Ages, we wanted to do something special with the kids.  Going to Medieval Times was our first choice, but the closest one is several hours away and the timing was just not right.  We found this cute little English pub in Tulsa, called The White Lion, and decided to take the kids there for some authentic British food and a little bit of culture...

What a fabulous meal we had!  If you're ever in the Tulsa area, this one is a must visit.  It's low-key and seems to be one of those places known only to the locals and by word of mouth.  We had hot tea, brie & apples, bangers & mash, cottage pie, and fish & chips.  After dinner, the boys chatted up Queen Elizabeth...

Make Medieval Stained Glass Windows

Designed by a kid, and for kids, the projects in Recycled History, like this one, will keep them enthusiastic about learning! All projects are created with items found around the house....many that would be headed for the trash bin....and the book includes directions and photo-directions.  

Projects are history-based, and span from ancient civilizations to modern times. They are designed to get kids excited about learning, and include sculpture, costumes, flat art, woodworking, and more!

Product Review
"Although it's written by a young man, it's got some fantastic ideas!! This is the first product I have found (I've been looking for a long time) that gives ideas and suggestions for making costumes for boys to reenact history activities, like pretending they are living during a specific period and letting them dress the part.  The craft ideas are also wonderful for helping a hands-on learner better understand the periods that are covered by this product. I am so happy I found this and it's helped us quite a lot. Now, to find a pair of football pants before we finish Colonial America! lol"    ~Edwina, March 2017


  • Print out the picture that you want to copy. We used shields and crests.
  • Trace the picture on the tracing paper with the black marker.
  • Color it with crayons. Use bright colors. Don't color too hard, or the wax will run!
  • Cut out your shield and laminate it to make the colors even brighter. 
  • Hang it up and let the sun shine through!
Grab a copy of Recycled History!


Make / Do

Pick up a printable copy of this unit in the Humanities Unit Study Bundle!

Includes seventeen unit studies covering history and language arts based topics. Each unit addresses a new topic, spanning ancient through modern history and various writing styles.
  • Each unit has introductory text, which will give the student basic background information about the topic at hand.
  • There are photographs and illustrations, and we have also included primary documents when available.
  • After this text, there are featured videos, which augment the background information and help make the topic more accessible for more visual students.
  • You will also find a short list of reading books.
  • There are vocabulary words, places, and people to identify.
  • Reading comprehension, critical thinking questions, and writing assignments are included.
  • We add fun with hands-on activities and extra videos to watch that will bring the era to life.
  • Some units also have cooking projects.
These studies are directed toward upper grades students, but some have resources for younger students so that the whole family can work together. Our family has used unit studies as curriculum for many years, and we hope that your family will enjoy these, too!

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