Thursday, January 23

Bricks Through the Year

Our oldest got his first Lego set for his third birthday.  Actually, it was Duplos.  Jeff Foxworthy says that most people invest, and rednecks play the lottery.  I'd like to amend that statement by saying that my kids' retirement funds are apparently going to be via Legos...

As a new homeschooler, with elementary aged boys who wanted nothing more than to play Legos, I begun looking for ways to incorporate the toys into learning.  Thus 'Bricks Through the Year' was born.  Each month tackles a new holiday, incorporating the three Rs and pop culture (the holidays) into their playtime.  

There are 149 pages in the entire year's bundle, and each of the twelve units covers writing prompts, real-world math, building activities, and art.  This is a great bundle for new homeschoolers or anyone teaching elementary school who wants to incorporate a fun day each month!

Each unit includes:
  • Copywork quotes - Using print script for elementary school, students practice handwriting with quotes related to the holiday.
  • Real-world math - Primarily practicing multiplication and addition (may use a calculator, if needed), students do some comparative shopping to throw a holiday party!
  • Writing activities - These five shorter writing activities include topics from three of the main forms of writing...informative, descriptive, and expository.
  • Art - Students get to design a minifigure that's decked out for the holiday!
  • Longer essay - Creative writing gets its own spot with a longer, out-of-the-box-thinking essay prompt.
  • Building activities - There are three to four holiday-themed projects created from bricks.  (Does not include step by step directions)

Check out the free Bricks Through the Year sample!

Pick up the Full Bundle to brighten up your Fun Fridays!


  1. Ha! My son would love this kind of thing.

    1. We've also got history units with Legos. :)


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