Tuesday, January 7

How to Make a Rag Rug (in Seven Easy Steps!)

One way to use up larger scraps of cloth is a rag rug!  Here's a simple way to make your own.  These instructions are for making a circular / oval rug.  You can quickly, and cheaply, get a rectangular rag rug here!
  • Gather the cloth you'll be using for the rug.  We used several old t-shirts...the fronts were saved for a t-shirt quilt, and the backs were cut into strips for a rag rug.  
  • Cut the material into 1" wide strips.  Smaller strips will make a tighter-weave rug, but will require more cloth for a large product.
  • Begin braiding the strips.  Tape, or otherwise hold down, the end of your strip to keep it from moving as you braid.
  • When you need new strips, lay the current strip over the new strip for about a 2" overlap.  For a more secure hold, you can sew each of these connections together (We opted not to, and they held fine). 
  • Continue braiding until you get a very long length of rope!  You might occasionally wrap it around to see how large of a rug you could currently make.  (I was surprised when it took much more rope than anticipated to make our rug!) 
  • Once you have enough rope, begin wrapping it.  About every one to two inches, hand sew the rope to the rope you've wrapped it next to.  (Use a quilting needle.)  This step takes the longest amount of time.
  • Step back, admire your handiwork, and know that you made this beautiful piece!


  1. What an excellent idea...I seem to remember a great Aunt having rag rugs in her home when I was a kid.

    1. I never realized how much time they took. They're so beautiful, and it makes me appreciate the effort my grandma made even more.

  2. i have lots of material... I could do this. :) I even have a rotary wheel to make the strips quickly.

    1. I hadn't thought of a rotary wheel. Will have to look into that!


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