Thursday, March 14

DIY Greens for Pennies

One of my favorite ways to utilize the abundance of greens, which seem to come in feast or famine cycles, is by making greens powder.

Greens are considered one of the best sources of nutrition available. This can include any type of greens: kale, collards, beet greens, herbs such as parsley and cilantro, lettuce, and even weeds such as purslane, clover, and dandelions. 

They are very alkalinizing, meaning they help restore a healthy acid-alkaline balance in the body. But keep in mind that greens aren’t a replacement for other vegetables in your diet. It’s still vital to consume a wide variety of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Making your own green powder has many advantages
  • it is a great way to use leftover greens
  • saves money - A LOT of money!
  • puts you in charge of knowing where your nutrients have been

Easy-Peasy Organic Greens Powder
  • Take off the stems. Thicker greens have stems that become quite hard when dehydrated, and can be difficult to turn into powder.
  • Dehydrate. Pop into a dehydrator for 4-8 hours, or in the oven at 200 for two hours. They shrink quite a bit, so put them close but not over top of each other. (This is my favorite dehydrator.)
    • Note : Cooking the greens reduces the amount of oxalic acid, which may be a good option for those with certain health conditions such as kidney stones.
  • Grind into powder. Then strain through mesh into a jar or into another container of your choice. Keep sealed and in a cool, dark place or a refrigerator to keep fresh.
Not ready to make your own yet?   Here are some of the best greens on the market :
Looking for more herbal wisdom from your garden?  Check out Simple Kitchen Fixes: Using Everyday Herbs.

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