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Drive Thru History - Acts to Revelation {Review}

Teen boys aren't the easiest ones to get into Bible study or Biblical history, but Drive Thru History® videos get the job done! Recently, we watched Drive Thru History® "Acts to Revelation", which, as the title would indicate, is all about the these books of the New Testament. 

Drive Thru History® "Acts to Revelation" has 18 episodes in the series - each is half an hour long – and it also includes an accompanying study guide. Our boys are in middle and high school, and while they have both thoroughly enjoyed Drive Thru History in the past, it was really the older one who enjoyed this particular series. It is geared more toward adults and older children, and isn't as goofy as some of the earlier Drive Thru History videos, such as the Ancient History or Revolution series. That’s not to say that the younger one didn’t like it, but some of the material was over his head, and since it wasn’t as goofy as previous series, it was less entertaining for him.

Our one son who is very much into archaeology and ancient history really loved the series. He learned “how to cross-reference history books with the Bible” (his words), and was very excited by that! While the main focus is Biblical history, and the teachings of the disciples, there is also a lot of timeline work and archaeology incorporated into this series.

The series centers around the first Christians, in the time right after the crucifixion, as told primarily through the Book of Acts and letters from Paul. Other important figures in history, such as Peter, James, Silas, and Timothy - some of the earliest missionaries - are featured as well.

The film crew visited a multitude of sites throughout Turkey, Greece, Rome, and the islands of Malta and Cyprus as they delved back into time and connected the past with the present.  In addition to the boys, my husband and I, who both love to travel but haven’t made it very far overseas, both appreciated and enjoyed the virtual field trips and the beautiful cinematography of the footage….it really makes it feel as though you’re walking through these landscapes.

  • The Gospel Shared at Pentecost
  • The Church Grows in Jerusalem
  • The Gospel Spreads to the Gentiles
  • Saul of Tarsus & the Road to Damascus
  • Paul’s First Missionary Journey – The Island of Cyprus
  • The Journey Continues – Pamphylia, Galatia & Asia Minor
  • The Jerusalem Council & Paul’s Second Missionary Journey
  • The Second Journey Continues – Philippi and Thessalonica
  • A Road Trip to Athens
  • Ancient Corinth
  • Paul’s Third Missionary Journey -- Ephesus
  • Paul’s Final Trip to Jerusalem & Caesarea
  • Adventures at Sea – The Island of Malta
  • A Final Journey to Rome
  • The Martyrdom of Paul & Peter
  • John and the Island of Patmos
  • The Seven Churches of Revelation
  • The Book Closes on the New Testament Period
Study Guide
The 118-page study guide covers each of the episodes separately, and includes stunning photos, discussion questions, inspirational quotes, and ideas for further study. If you’ve been wanting to incorporate Bible study into your curriculum, but (a) the kids aren’t into it; (b) the material you’ve previously used seems dry; or (c) it’s just not at all engaging….then you should give Drive Thru History a shot!

Each of the lessons in the study guide begins with the title and a quote from scripture, set against beautiful photography.  This is followed by a summary of the episode.    The next page has discussion questions, scripture recommendations for further reading, more (relevant) photography, and a 'side road.'  These side roads are a favorite of my children, as they introduce historic concepts and archaeological finds.  The final page of the lesson is an exquisite two-page spread of the geographic area covered in that episode.  (The answers to discussion questions are found at the very end of the study guide.)

For an engaging religious studies class, this is the perfect series for middle and high school. It's informative and entertaining, and the narrator is just goofy enough to keep you wondering what will happen next! The cinematography is well-done, and the history is presented at an age-appropriate level for children to understand and adults to want to learn by their side.

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