Monday, March 11

YouTube Schooling??

We use YouTube for all sorts of things these days.....   
In the past week alone, I've learned how to : unlock something I accidentally locked on the computer, fix the door handle of my car, and store eggs long-term.  I've also looked up reviews for school electives that we're considering using.  YouTube can be a great resource!

Some advantages of YouTube include :
  • It's free
  • Videos are often short - right to the point
  • You can find just about anything on there
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However, YT isn't the place you want to go for in-depth material and long-term classes.  Some of the reasons for this are....
  • Staying focused.  With autoplay and all of those suggested videos off to the side, it can be very distracting.  As an adult, it's easy to fall down into that bunny hole...can you imagine how the kids feel?
  • Filters.  While we have a restricted mode on the kids' accounts, sometimes they still get 'unsavory' suggestions or pop-ups.  I don't want my child exposed to these while watching school, do you?
  • Quality / source.  There are many self-proclaimed experts out there, just waiting to share their knowledge.  True, some of them have quite a bit to offer, but there are quacks out there as well.  How do you judge which to watch?
This is not to say that we don't still use YouTube.  As you've seen through the playlists on our channel, we supplement schoolwork with short clips.  YT is not their primary source, but it helps the kids to visualize what they've just learned.

If you've got a child who wants to learn a skill that you are not prepared to teach, there are several great online options out there, including :

These resources provide an expert instructor, thorough (and filtered) video instruction, and the ability to ask further questions by contacting the instructor.

There are many more options for online courses, but these are the ones that we, personally, have used in our homeschool and can vouch for (there are also a few we've used and have not included in this list, because we would not recommend them).  

What online courses have you and your family tried?  What was your experience?


  1. av stem is a new one for me. I will need to check that one out.

    1. Oh! He does this one EVERYDAY. It's a fabulous program! And based out of western Canada / Alaska. :)