Thursday, April 14

Spring Clean YOURSELF with a Four-Week Detox!

It's time for some Spring Cleaning!!!  Just as we regularly clean our cars and our homes, it is equally important to take time to clean our bodies...

If you've ever suffered from, or seen a loved one suffering from, health problems, then you know that our health is our most valuable asset.  When we are in good health, we can feel the benefits in all other areas of our lives!

A spring cleaning detox for your body is an effective way to experience improvement in your overall health without disrupting your regular routine.  One of my favorite things about this program is that you can choose your comfort level: beginner, intermediate or advanced.  The programs are easy to follow, with simple day to day steps, and the formulas are potent no matter what level you choose, yet still safe and easy to incorporate into your everyday routine.

There are four steps to the process.  For those who feel fatigued, the 5-day Liver Detox will increase your energy, while the 5-Day Kidney Detox will encourage your body to cleanse itself naturally. The 5-day Bowel Detox will improve waste elimination, digestion, and can even aid in weight loss.  This last one is done both at the very beginning (to jump-start your system) and at the end, for a final cleansing.

For the 30-day Detox, you'll want:


The Superfood Plus isn't only for this detox.  It contains 12 of the world's most powerful superfoods. One serving delivers an unrivaled dose of rapidly assimilating vitamins and minerals while offering the body an extraordinary powerful supply of enzymes and nutrients packed into one source.  All of the ingredients are organic or wild-harvested, including twelve of the world’s most powerful superfoods: wild harvested spirulina algae, organic blue green algae, chlorella broken cell algae, organic barley grass, organic alfalfa grass, organic wheat grass, and organic purple dulse seaweed.  Once ending the detox, this is something you'll want to investigate using as a supplement daily!

Why the Dr. Schulze brand?

Dr. Schulze has been a leader in the natural healthcare industry and a credible source of advice for over four decades.  As the creator of the American Botanical Pharmacy in Marina Del Rey, California, a Doctor of Natural Medicine and a master herbalist, Dr. Schulze stands as a veritable healing expert.  His range of herbal formulas are natural, yet powerful— each designed for achieving optimal levels of health.

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