Monday, April 18

End-of-the-Homeschool-Year Awards!

Is your feed flooded with pictures of kids receiving various awards at their schools?  No need to feel left out.  Homeschool kids deserve awards too!  😎  And we're homeschooling, so you know what that means.....personalized awards!!!

Homeschool Academic Awards

These are to celebrate your student's academic achievements.

  • IT Salute
    • For your resident geek squad extraordinaire
  • WOW! Award
    • Presented to recognize the student that learned on his/her own
  • Fact Checker
    • For the student who finds the mistakes in the curriculum
  • YouTube Master
    • For mastering a concept or hobby through a series of YT videos 
  • Through the Noggin' Award
    • For students who were learning when no one thought they were listening
  • Green Thumb Award
    • For the agricultural master with the ability to grow anything
  • Make-It Master
    • For students who love to design and build

Homeschool Character Awards

These are to celebrate personal qualities exhibited by your student.

  • Best Use of Free Time
    • For using free time to learn a new skill, help out the parents, or accomplish something other than leveling up on that video game
  • Best in Kitchen Science Clean Up
    • For cleaning up that huge explosion or fermentation project - no muss, no fuss
  • Git-R-Done Award
    • For consistent, timely completion of the 'have to dos' in order to get to the 'want to dos'

Homeschool Snark Awards

  • Got Out of Jammies Award
    • This is a hard one to win during the winter months
  • Best Bored Look
    • Typically presented to teens
  • Always Has Something to Say
    • You have a lesson?  They have one, too!
  • Master Coffee Maker
    • Who doesn't need this child?
  • Endurance Award
    • For procrastination & stretching simplest assignments
  • Squirrel Salute
    • For the ability to multitask, even when they shouldn't be
  • Tigger Award
    • For most time spent out of chair / learning in motion

Use these printables to create your own Homeschool Awards Day!  Use the ideas from above or create your own.  What awards is your child getting this year?

Subscribers can snag FREE printable award certificates here!

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